A "gymnast" seems to lose his/her balance…
He sold his car for the sake of his family --- But gets a surprise after years of sacrifice! This invention solves a problem that ALL brides have --- Guess what it is?

A "gymnast" seems to lose his/her balance --- but wait do not miss what happens next!

April 01, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

This exhibition is halfway between a demonstration of technical and comic skills, which Paul Hunt presented to an audience giving them a moment of original hilarity. This man was an accomplished award winning gymnast during the 1970s, who at the end of his career decided to dedicate himself to the activity of coaching and training girls to compete as gymnasts.

On this particular occasion, he wanted to share with the audience a moment of fun so he impersonated a woman and did a gymnastic sequence that is full of humorous surprises!

Tags: SportGymnastics


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