Can you do a backflip while SITTING?…
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Can you do a backflip while SITTING? This guy can and does ... Wow!

March 22, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The backward somersault aka backflip is a gymnastics acrobatic exercise to which many aspire to perform --- calisthenics professionals, skaters, martial artists, but also ordinary people.

On the Internetyou can find many video tutorials that try to explain in words the technique behind this acrobatic exercise and one of the ways in which some have tried to do this somersault is from a seated position.

To succeed in this endeavor without starting from a trampoline would perhaps be impossible, but even with a trampoline, there are still very few people who can perform this exercise from a seated position.

He is the American gymnast Brandon Burns ...

In one of the videos in which he documents his workouts at a gym in Ann Arbor, Michigan we see him perform a backward somersault from an unusual sitting position. 

Considering the fact that the boost that one can give oneself in this position is greatly reduced, we dare not imagine how many hours of hard training were required for Brandon to land on his feet ... We leave you with the video that clearly displays his prowess. 

You can follow Brandon on Instragram.


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