Two battered twins arrive at the hospital and the nurse who takes care of them both --- adopts them! -
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Two battered twins arrive at the hospital…
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Two battered twins arrive at the hospital and the nurse who takes care of them both --- adopts them!


In the medical professions, those of the operative staff in the pediatric wards are perhaps the most delicate and sensitive.

These nurses and doctors are constantly in contact with harsh realities, which have a considerable impact on their temperament and disposition.

In the case of the American nurse Jess Hamm, the impact was also on her personal life! In fact, after taking care of the two twin girls who were victims of child abuse, she made a decision that would forever change the course of both her and their lives.


A hospital shift that would change everything, forever.

Nurse Jess Hamm works at the Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville (Florida). One day in her ward (intensive care) arrived a fourteen-month-old child who was the victim of child abuse. Her name was Delilah, she had a cranial fracture, several broken bones and a manifest state of malnutrition.

"Her condition was serious but she clung to life with all her strength and ... she stole my heart."


Between the nurse and the child a special bond was immediately created ...

The bond was so strong that the nurse did not have to think about it very long before deciding to apply for adoption.

But she soon learned that Delilah had a twin sister, Caroline, who was also in the hospital but in another ward.


At that point, there was nothing left to do but bring them both home!

And that was exactly what she did! Jessica requested the adoption of both girls and ...


The judge approved her adoption request!

"I have always wanted to be a mother, even if I had never considered adoption before meeting Delilah."

"With this choice, I hope to encourage other people to do the same." Meanwhile, the little twin sisters are growing up happy and loved in their new family.


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