A woman on a zipline is surprised by…
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A woman on a zipline is surprised by an alligator jumping out of the water to bite her

September 15, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are people who love to experience new and exciting thrills, perhaps by launching themselves into rather "extreme" activities that are able to give them pleasure that is difficult to experience with traditional ones. Bunjee jumping, climbing, parachuting or hang gliding are just some of the ways to break the mold and experience something particularly exciting.

A great way to experience the thrill of flying in the void is also the so-called "ziplining", a cableway that connects two points through which people can jump into flight at full speed. While it is safe and harmless, the unexpected can always be lurking. And wait till you see what happened to the woman we are about to show you.

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We are in Florida, an American state that is famously home to many alligators in the natural and uncontaminated environment. The zipline where this woman launched herself passes right over a marshy lake, inhabited - needless to say - by fearsome and large reptiles.

You don't have to use a lot of imagination to envisage a fun experience and a sense of freedom like that of the zipline flight during which, suddenly, a huge mouth is seen emerging from the water below ready to bite the unfortunate participant who passes over hanging from the cableway. This is exactly what happened to the woman in question when, almost reaching the end of the cable, she saw a suspicious movement in the water, followed by an alligator who jumped up trying to bite her.


Although it was to be expected that alligators would be present in that lake, no one - least of all the woman - expected such a reaction from the animal. The big reptile, however, had seen fit to emerge, becoming the center of an episode that, if the cable from which the woman was hanging had been positioned only a few centimeters lower, could have been very dangerous for her.

Fortunately, the alligator was unable to get its teeth into its prey. The woman, for her part, had an undoubtedly exciting experience, doubly exciting, if we add to the thrill of flying at full speed on the cableway that of a close encounter with this beast!


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