Man ends up in the mouth of a whale but manages to survive: "I thought it was a shark, it all went dark"

Mark Bennett

August 24, 2022

Man ends up in the mouth of a whale but manages to survive:

Most of us know the story of Pinocchio, the puppet child who, during his numerous adventures, even manages to end up in the belly of a whale. Well, thinking about this tale, would you believe it if we told you that such a thing actually happened?

If you are convinced that it is a joke, you would be wrong and the proof of this is a man who, after ending up in the mouth of a whale, managed to save himself and was able to tell his version of this incredible experience. Let's find out together, first of all, how it happened and, then, how he managed to get out of this danger.

via Daily Record


Michael Packard is a man from Massachusetts and has been the center of attention for having had an amazing experience, to say the least. On an ordinary day, he was lobster fishing when he realized something was wrong. Suddenly he felt like he was literally "run over" by something huge.

At first he didn't know what was happening, but then he realized that a huge creature had "captured" him. A shark perhaps? No, this was not very likely since Michael realized that no sharp teeth were cutting into him. What, then, was this mammoth creature? It took a few more minutes to realize that it was one of the largest animals on the planet: the humpback whale. This creature, with a length of over 15 meters, had caught up Michael in its jaws, probably along with a large amount of water, minnows and krill.

"When I realized I was in the mouth of a whale, I thought I would not survive," said the man. He continued: "My thoughts flew to my children, my wife and the fact that I would never see them again". But fortunately, this was not the case. A few moments later, the humpback whale opened its mouth, Michael was ejected and got to the surface, immediately drawing in air. This was an unparalleled, unbelievable experience that cost him only a broken leg.

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The question is: how did he manage to save himself? Experts have stated that it is not possible to be swallowed by a whale. Usually, these species feed on small living creatures that move along their very narrow throats, without being affected. The size of the whale's throat was fortuitous for Michael. A human, in fact, would not have been able to be swallowed.

But this was something that this man was not aware of and which, of course, he would not have immediately realized. We're pretty sure he'll think twice about diving for lobsters again - or at least, he'll pay more attention to the creatures swimming around him.