She goes down to the basement in her…
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She goes down to the basement in her house and finds 90 rattlesnakes hidden under the joists

November 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Among the many fears that are inherent in the human being, there is that, often irrational fear of snakes. Whether they are longer or shorter, whether they crawl in the wheat fields, in a forest, or inside a house, they have always made a great impression on us, and we certainly don't dare to imagine what could happen if we met one on our way; would we run away screaming? The fact is that the woman who was the protagonist in this bizarre incident had a really bad scare, but luckily she was able to call for help immediately!

via: ABC News

The incredible incident happened in Santa Barbara, California, when a frightened woman promptly contacted Alan Wolf, a reptile expert at the local Sonoma County Reptile Rescue association; on the other endof the phone, the woman told Alan that she had found 90 rattlesnakes in her basement: how was such a thing possible? The expert, particularly surprised, wanted to take a better look and so he decided to go to the woman's house to help her remove them safely with his equipment.

When Alan arrived and searched the basement of the Santa Barbara woman's house, he couldn't believe his eyes: it was true that a den of rattlesnakes had made its way through time into the house of the lady who had called him on the phone. Luckily he had all the necessary equipment with him to gently capture them without hurting them, and so he pulled them out one by one, but it took almost four hours in total to free the entire basement from the infestation of those creeping and dangerous reptiles!


Alan Wolf said on Facebook: "I am the director of a reptile shelter in Sonoma County, California, and last week I got a call from a lady saying she had snakes under her house; after I went down to her basement, and after 3 hours and 45 minutes of hard work, here's what I came up with, 59 baby rattlesnakes and 22 adult rattlesnakes; the only species we have in Northern California here is a North Pacific rattlesnake."

Who knows what that poor woman must have thought when she went down to the basement of the house and she found 90 slithering guests staring at her and waiting to be fed; we would have run away in terror, what about you?



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