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Which of these three is the mother?…
He has no money to buy food, a TV crew approaches him and asks him: This woman declares herself

Which of these three is the mother? This woman is so young looking that people have a hard time distinguishing her from their teenage daughters

November 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are women, who choose to dress in a "young" way and who manage to maintain a more sparkling attitude, while there are some women who don't seem to be touched at all by the passage of time. Kienya Booker is one of these women: beautiful and almost adolescent-looking, she has two daughters aged 16 and 18, among whom it is hard to distinguish who is the mother. Kienya is a 40-year-old mother with such a youthful appearance, that the photos of her in the company of her daughters have left hundreds of internet viewers with doubts: which one is the mother among the three of them. Guessing whether it's Kienya or her teenage daughters is next to impossible.

Encouraging women of all ages, and young girls to embrace who they are. How to take care of themselves, to love...

Pubblicato da Kienya Booker su Venerdì 8 dicembre 2017

This young mother shows no signs of aging, so much so that several internet viewers have wondered if her photos have been retouched. Her beauty and her dazzling physical shape are truly enviable, as she truly seems to have found the elixir of youth. In fact, people often mistake her for one of her daughters, while users on the web cannot understand which of the three women is actually Kienya, the mother of the other two. It goes without saying that Kienya is full of admirers on social media, but her popularity spiked just when one of her daughters posted a photo of her with her offspring. 

Mom and daughters are the first to joke about the similarity and Kienya's youthful appearance, so much so that they took multiple photos together to put viewers to the test. "Which one is the mother?" - not everyone can easily answer the question!

Kienya evidently was able to preserve her beauty and her youth by taking great care of herself. The woman has also gained some popularity thanks to her Youtube channel where she gives advice on haircuts and how to look after naturally curly hair quickly and easily.



Some people have written to her that they absolutely cannot believe her age, looking at the photos with her daughters, and that they would like to see her birth certificate with their own eyes: "You look too young to be their mother". In fact, Kienya is the mother of two beautiful young women, - a woman who, while wearing make-up and dressing in a youthful way, never lapses into looking like mutton dressed as lamb, since she exhibits such stunning natural beauty.

And could you pick out Kienya in her photos?


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