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A sad and disconsolate old man can't…
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A sad and disconsolate old man can't sell even one flower: a man sees him and asks for help on social media

November 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We often talk about the negative effects of online social media, haters, so-called fake news: these are the new terms that describe malice and ignorance. We forget, however, the best examples that the new information technology can give.

This is the case with the story of this elderly flower seller who was spotted by a Facebook user in Querétaro, Mexico, alone and without customers, sitting in front of a department store. The user then took a photo that is a touching portrait of sadness. Finally, he posted it, decorating it with a rainy cloud to help in some way in asking for the support of other web users.

The grandfather has thus gone viral and his day has certainly improved!

Hola amigos de Querétaro Les pido su ayuda para compartir esta imagen Dónde está un señor, está persona estuvo todo el...

Pubblicato da Kevin Hock su Lunedì 10 febbraio 2020

Through a publication on Facebook, the user who goes by the name of "K Hock Come Galletas", posted a photo of an old man with flowers, along with a message inviting people to go and buy his flowers, to help him in his business.

"Hello friends of Querétaro" wrote the man, "I ask for your help to share this image and brighten the day of this person in need. As you can see, the old gentleman was sat all day in front of Super Q near Revolucion Avenue, then he went to the Carrillo clinic to sell his flowers and other herbs for tea."

And so, a short time after the publication of the post, the first reactions from users began to arrive. As people commented on and shared the sad story, the post in aid of this elderly gentleman quickly went viral. In fact, in a few days he managed to get over 2,400 reactions, he was shared 9,500 times and commented more than 600 times.


"It made me very sad to see him alone and practically penniless. I gave him about 30 pesos (about a dollar fifty) and he, in return, offered me flowers. Since my tip was ridiculous, I didn't feel like accepting his gift. I asked him to continue selling them to other people, so he just thanked me but I noticed that his face was still disconsolate," he added in the post.

Certainly charity is not a solution to the economic problems of an elderly person and his family, but solidarity and human contact are, on the other hand, an important and underestimated resource. These are very rare virtues today in real life, as well as in digital life. The use of social media in this way should always be encouraged precisely to improve your day and your sensitivity.


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