Elderly woman is caught stealing from a supermarket: "Don't tell my grandchildren"

Mark Bennett

November 15, 2022

Elderly woman is caught stealing from a supermarket:

It is not right that many people cannot afford to buy bread, cans of tuna or other basic foodstuffs, yet this seems to be the reality in which many people live. Pensions are low, as are the incomes of many workers - workers who are forced to accept horrible jobs in order to earn a pittance. For many, it is practically impossible to buy a single treat at the supermarkets, such is the state of their finances. The subject of this story is an 82-year-old woman who, unfortunately, realized that she could not pay for groceries and that, in order to feed herself, she was forced to steal. But let's see what happened at the supermarket:


Pxhere / Not the actual photo

While at a supermarket, an 82-year-old woman realized she didn't have enough money to pay for her shopping. Even though scared, the woman was forced to steal the few food items she needed for lunch that day. The old woman lived on a very low pension and paying her rent and bills left her nothing. Even her children were not doing well economically and that is why the lady decided to commit a crime rather than burdening her children. This was undoubtedly a desperate situation, which fortunately, was understood by the empathetic manager of the supermarket. As the woman was about to leave the shop, she was stopped by the manager (who later decided not to call the authorities). The elderly woman immediately burst into tears and pleaded with the manager not to call the police: "Please don't call the police. I don't want my grandchildren to know that their grandmother is a thief."

Pexels / Not the actual photo

"Whenever you want, you can come back here," the manager of the supermarket told her. He continued: "A few euros do not change my life, and I hope what you have taken will help you". The manager was keenly aware of the struggles of the elderly and explained his actions to his staff with these words: "I imagined that she could my mother, so I gave her what she had taken. I don't feel like a hero. I have always worked with integrity and, when I can, I try to help others in obviou need".  This is a truly commendable attitude, don't you think?