According to a Japanese tradition, each finger corresponds to an organ and this is what happens when you massage your fingers! -
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According to a Japanese tradition, each…
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According to a Japanese tradition, each finger corresponds to an organ and this is what happens when you massage your fingers!

June 11, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Did you know that we can give new energy to our body through our fingers and their pressure points?

According to the ancient Japanese technique of Jin Shin Jyutsu thanks to a few but simple tactile moves, it is possible to give greater consciousness to our body and establish healing methods for various mild symptoms.

The main premise of this ancient Eastern belief holds that in all of us flows vital energy that is part of the universal energy; when there is harmony within us, then this vital energy flows freely.

image: Wikimedia

If instead the inner balance is disrupted, the energetic fluids do not flow correctly in our body and this is precisely when the technique of massaging and pressuring the fingers on our hands comes into play.

In fact, the finger pressure and massage both serve to help the natural flow of our vital energy in our body, that has been deteriorated by problems that can be caused by physical illnesses or those belonging to the emotional sphere. 

The basic concept of this Japanese technique is actually quite simple. Each finger on our hand corresponds to an organ or a specific part of our body and each organ is associated with an illness or a precise emotion. By gently massaging the areas related to our symptoms for about three minutes, a feeling of well-being will begin to make its way through our mind and body.

  • Thumb: The thumb is associated with the arms and stomach, and the latter is linked to symptoms of anxiety and depression. Applying gentle pressure on the thumb can relieve nervousness, abdominal pain, and associated headaches. 
  • Index finger: This finger is connected to the kidneys and bladder, the latter is linked to negative emotions like fear and confusion. The most common associated symptoms, in this case, are stomach pain, back pain, and toothache. 
  • Middle finger: The liver is associated with the middle finger. This important organ is linked to anger and often to other symptoms such as eye problems, frequent headaches, and general fatigue.
image: Pixabay

  • Ring finger: This finger is associated with the colon and lungs and is linked to symptoms such as digestive disorders, asthma, and respiratory problems. In these cases, depression, bad moods, and general anxiety are quite frequent. 
  • Little finger: The little finger is linked to the heart and small intestine and by massaging this finger, it is possible to alleviate the physical symptoms related to the two organs. In this specific case, the heart and small intestine are linked to the tendency to hide or be afraid of revealing things in one's life.

image: Pixabay

A gentle massage of the five fingers of each hand for at least 15 minutes a day (preferably once in the morning and once in the evening) are recommended by those who practice Jin Shin Jyutsu to achieve the desired result. 

But be careful not to mistake the pressure on the fingers for miraculous drugs for our illnesses!

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