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A grandmother decides to celebrate her…
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A grandmother decides to celebrate her 89th birthday with "special" waiters, and the photos are hilarious!


Birthdays are special days and as such deserve to be celebrated in the best possible way. And even if the company is what matters most, certainly, a gift or two should not be missing!

Every year, in fact, whether it is for friends or relatives, the search starts to look for a gift that can amaze the person who is to be celebrated. In regards, to her gift, Joan Corp, an 89-year-old granny living in a retirement home in the UK had no doubts!

Whenever someone asked her, "Joan, what would you like to receive for your eighty-ninth birthday?" The stubborn granny always had the same prompt answer: "A man".

The coordinator of the Milton Lodge Retirement Home, in Colchester, Great Britain, could not resist the elderly resident's request and decided to satisfy her by preparing her a very special birthday party. Claire Martin thus proceeded to call a company called "Hunks in Trunks" and hired two male strippers to brighten up Joan's and her friends' evening. 

The two very muscular and well-proportioned male strippers served food to the 23 guests all evening, cheering up the hospice's grannies and also all the relatives who attended the event. Not only was food served during the evening - but the birthday girl and all her "young" friends were also offered a back massage!

Obviously, Joan's party sparked the souls of other grannies inside the nursing home so much that Doll Jenkins, the oldest resident of them all (Doll is 99 years old!), remained so enchanted by the two men, that she asked to be able to hire them when she celebrates her 100th birthday!

The news has spread around the Internet and the Milton Lodge Retirement Home has decided to generously publish and share the entire photo album of the evening on its Facebook page.

What can I say, we wish Joan many other birthdays like this!

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