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A dog escapes from its enclosure during…
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A dog escapes from its enclosure during the night to console two orphaned puppies that were crying ...

June 10, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

A really sweet and moving story is that of Maggie, a German Shepherd mixed breed dog that could not resist her unstoppable maternal instinct.

The dog had been taken by her owner to a commercial boarding kennel, the Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming, to spend a short time with other animals.

One night, Maggie, as soon as she had the chance, slipped out of her dog bed to fulfill her personal mission: to go and comfort two little orphaned puppies on their first night at the pet motel.

The puppies, only nine weeks old, had just been rescued by a local animal association and were at the Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming waiting to be adopted.

Maggie certainly could not allow the puppies to feel alone and therefore proceeded to comfort them, bringing them all her affection. As the photos show, the compassionate dog knew exactly what to do.

Maggie had just finished weaning her own litter only a few days before, so her maternal instinct was still very strong when the newly orphaned puppies arrived.

The pet motel staff admitted that they had never seen anything like it before: "It is rare to see a dog so excited to see puppies that are not their own!"

Despite being a commercial boarding kennel for dogs, the Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming often welcomes abandoned dogs that are waiting to find a family that will take care of them.

The night Maggie left her dog bed to comfort the little puppies, the owner of the motel, Sandi Aldred, was having dinner with her family and only thanks to a video surveillance system was she able to witness what was happening at the pet motel on her smartphone.

The videos clearly show Maggie escaping in the middle of the night and going directly to the newly arrived little orphaned puppies to comfort them.


Returning to the pet motel after dinner, Sandi was greeted with great enthusiasm by Maggie who, wagging her tail, asked her to let her enter the room where the puppies slept.

In fact, she came towards me and was really happy, she then took me back to the puppies, as if she were telling me "I absolutely have to stay here with them", said Sandi, recalling the episode. Sandi, at that point, allowed Maggie to stay with the puppies because it was really all that the dog wanted.

The puppies soon found a home and Maggie also returned home with her owner, even though both Maggie and the little puppies wanted to stay together a little longer. 

The maternal instinct of an animal is a truly intense and uncontaminated feeling, that unites all species and which often goes beyond species differences. The affection shown by this sweet dog towards these puppies shows how strong a mother's instinct is towards her own puppies and towards the "young and defenseless" in general.

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