This dog settled down on the train tracks…
A group of clumsy thieves accidentally siphoned human excrement from a tour bus sewage tank thinking it was gasoline This dog sits next to his owner's little girl and waits with her until the school bus arrives and departs

This dog settled down on the train tracks for a month, waiting for the return of its missing friend

December 04, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We know how much dogs become attached to their owners, and this story gives us yet another impressive confirmation.

The protagonists are a stray dog ​​and a 27-year-old young man with problems related to depression.

Unfortunately, the end of this story is not a happy ending for the young man. Nevertheless, the mysterious story reminds us of how much more a dog is than just a pet.

It all started near a train station, where the young man went to work and where the dog had been wandering around in the area for some time.

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image: Clarin

Let's start by saying that Facundo Brusco is the name of the 27-year-old young man.

He worked in a pet shop, which he reached every day by taking the train. One day at the station, he met a little dog who Facundo decided to look after by regularly providing the dog with food and water.

They met every day, both when the young man arrived for work and at the end of the day when the young man returned home after work.

image: Clarin

Unfortunately, Facundo had been suffering for years from depression and despite taking various medications, his condition had not improved.

One morning he decided to end it all, and he did it while waiting for a train to pass right in the station where he had first met that little dog.

In the following days, the people who usually waited for the train every morning, and who had noticed the bond between the dog and the young man, observed a change in the dog. It appeared that as the dog wandered from spot to spot in the train station, that he was looking for something or someone.

Eventually, they saw the dog settle down along the train tracks, near the point where Facundo, his human friend, had ended his life that tragic day.

image: Clarin

For a long time, the dog did not want to leave that spot, to the point that some volunteers built the dog a small shelter for the night and protection from the rain.

It was not easy to catch the dog because it was frightened and not very friendly but eventually, an animal refuge association took charge of the dog. 

The association was able to find him a temporary home while they waited for someone to adopt him and give him a permanent place to stay.

In the meanwhile, the members of the animal association renamed the dog Toto and chatted about his story on social media networks.

In fact, it was on a social media network that Facundo's family realized that the dog people were talking about was the same one their son had taken care of. The boy's mother also learned of an astonishing coincidence: Toto was the same nickname with which Facundo was called at home!

"I had asked Facundo to give me a sign to let me know that he was at peace and the next day I heard about the dog," his mother said.

For the young man's family, it was clear what needed to be done! Obviously, they were supposed to give, the stray dog Toto, a home because maybe that was what their son wanted them to do.

Now, Toto lives under a roof, loved and cared for just as the young man was and the whole family firmly believes in their hearts that it could not have been just a coincidence!

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