An elderly man brings his sick dog to a hospital for humans and the kind doctors decide to treat him anyway

by Shirley Marie Bradby

November 19, 2019

An elderly man brings his sick dog to a hospital for humans and the kind doctors decide to treat him anyway

There are countless stories that testify to how powerful the bond between a human being and a dog can be.

Very often, they have been friends for many years and they take care of each other day after day.

On Facebook, a story has circulated about a man who in his own way, and with a pinch of naivety, has made it clear once again how strong the bond between humans and their four-legged friends can be.

It all started when the elderly man, seeing that his young male puppy was sick, decided to take him to a hospital ... for humans!



The story comes from Huejotzingo, a small town in central Mexico.

The man had noticed that his young puppy dog was not feeling well because it did not want to eat or drink and it was very weak.

Therefore, the man rushed to the nearest hospital with the little dog wrapped in a cloth sack and asked the doctors to do something to help the dog get better.


Predictably, the doctors told the man that this was not the right place to treat the young dog and that he had to go to a veterinary clinic, not to a hospital for humans.

The man was very worried about his faithful four-legged companion and again humbly asked them to help him and do something for his puppy dog.

Faced with such a humble and gentle request the doctors could not refuse to help the man and his dog.

The doctors examined the puppy and noticed that he was dehydrated, whimpering, and also quite weak.

So, they gave the puppy an antibiotic and intravenous fluids in order to rehydrate him and in a short time the dog showed the first signs of improvement.

Tears of emotion ran down the man's cheeks when he saw what the doctors had done for him and his dog and for the joy of not having to say goodbye to his little dog.

Even the doctors were happy with the way things turned out, indeed, they even advised the man to bring the dog back if it felt sick again!