10 character traits that should serve as a warning if you are thinking about getting married

Shirley Marie Bradby

November 25, 2019

10 character traits that should serve as a warning if you are thinking about getting married

Many people come to realize that they are living in an unhappy marriage, often after many years of being in a relationship with their partner.

Their spouse may have changed over time or may have recently demonstrated some inappropriate behavior, but most of the time the truth is another.

To be honest, probably the person that you chose to bring to the altar has always been this way and it was the experience of falling in love which prevented certain qualities or the lack thereof from being clearly seen.

That is why it is better to think twice if the person with whom you are in a relationship has these ten character traits, which are often the basis of the breakdown of a marriage.

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  • They put you on the backburner: We often tend to justify this behavior by saying that the partner you are with has many hobbies and interests or that they really love their job. The truth is that if you spend many nights at home in solitude, if they never answer the phone when they are busy with friends or if they prefer an hour at the gym to your company, clearly they do not give you enough importance.
  • They are no fun: No one says you have to cry from laughing so hard every time you are together, but if your partner never makes you burst out laughing, it could be that you have a different taste in humor or that the person in question is not funny at all and has no sense of humor. In any case, a marriage cannot work without a good dose of daily smiles and laughter.


  • They criticize everything: You make a cake and they find it dry and flavorless? Do you buy a dress and they say it does not suit you? Do you give them a gift and they deem it useless? You could be a disaster in both the kitchen and at shopping, or more likely the person in front of you is a chronic "critic". You will soon tire of accepting or responding to their criticisms, and you will be right!
  • They cannot deal with confrontation: Are you afraid to start a discourse for fear of how they will take it? Do you already know that they will threaten to ditch you? Can you bet that you'll end up arguing? Well, there is no marriage without the capacity for confrontation or discussion. Of course, you do not always have to agree on everything, but you must at least have the capacity to confront each other pacifically and accept the point of view of the other.
  • They hate animals: Certainly, a person may not like having animals in their home, but from here to detesting them is quite another thing. Usually, people who despise animals also do not behave well with humans. It is certainly not a reason to end a marriage, but it is always better to keep an eye on someone with this characteristic!
  • They have too many secrets: No one should ever become an "open book" for the other, but having too many secrets is not good for a relationship. Moreover, between spouses, certain things should not be kept hidden. Furthermore, if your partner never tells you where they are when they are not with you or if they jealously guard their smartphone, they may not have a clear conscience.


  • They never agree with you: If you are always the one in the wrong, do not blame yourself. Try to see it differently, namely, that it is your partner who does not accept having made a mistake and is very adept at "twisting the argument". Don't blame yourself uselessly!
  • They are not able to apologize: Those who do not accept being in error often cannot even utter the magic word: "Sorry". In fact, to apologize is to admit one's own faults and not everyone is capable of doing so. A partner like that shouldn't be married.
  • They never give compliments: Receiving too many compliments can be annoying, but also not receiving them at all is not good. To congratulate or compliment your partner when it is appropriate is an opportunity for growth as a couple. In fact, receiving recognition from one's spouse is among the most enjoyable and satisfying things in the world.
  • They are possessive: It is obvious when jealousy goes beyond a healthy limit. If certain clothes are banned, as well as some friendships - just because your partner doesn't like them - stop and think for a moment if perhaps it is not the case to change course, for your own good!

If you are with a person who fits this profile ... Think twice before marrying them!