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Video About Psychology

Family members can also be the cause of deep emotional wounds that are difficult to heal

In life, it is inevitable to feel deeply hurt by a situation or someone. But even as young children we learn that we have to overcome displeasure and sorrows in one way or the other. Unfortunately, it…

I suffer from an anxiety disorder, so please, stop always saying that I just need to calm down

Many still believe that those suffering from an anxiety disorder or depression have the ability from one day to the other to manage their feelings of fear and worry. Then, they will be able to just automatically…

Fall in love with a Sagittarius because for them what is good for their loved ones comes before anything else

You can fall in love without fear with those born in the sign of Sagittarius. This powerful zodiac sign (23 November - 21 December) is considered the most altruistic of all the zodiac signs. Those who…

10 character traits that should serve as a warning if you are thinking about getting married

Many people come to realize that they are living in an unhappy marriage, often after many years of being in a relationship with their partner. Their spouse may have changed over time or may have recently…

Having to say goodbye to a parent is heartbreaking, and no one is ever sufficiently prepared

Unfortunately, life sooner or later forces us to face deeply painful moments, such as illness and the consequent loss of a parent. When it happens suddenly it is normal not to be ready, but in reality,…

Balanced and independent, Sagittarians are a treasure for those who meet them

Unruffled calm, balance, and a strong sense of justice are among the most emblematic characteristics of the those born in the "ninth house". They are very much appreciated and sought after in friendship…

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