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Video About Psychology

A year after their divorce, women become much happier and more attractive, and here is why!

It seems almost obvious to say it, but divorce is one of the most traumatic moments one can experience. Not only for the causes that lead to the end of a relationship that may have lasted for many years,…

Three actions of parents that end up destroying the self-esteem of their children

There are no manuals or universal rules that teach us how to become good parents. However, there are some precautions that would be good to follow in order to raise autonomous individuals who, above all,…

The secret to instantly rejuvenate? According to the experts, the answer is being with a man 10 years younger!

It is said that love knows no age, yet today there is still a widespread moralism that prevents us from going beyond some barriers imposed by society, or at least it tries to shame us a little. And this…

Here is what ailment a person suffers from who spends their time taking selfies while working out, according to scientific research

It is useless to deny it: we live in an era of appearances. What counts, first and foremost, due to the widespread emergence of social media networks and instant communication, is the image that others…

The biggest mistake a mom can make is forgetting about herself

Many times people talk to a mom as if she were only that and but a mom is also a woman.  The woman that is hidden inside her sometimes knocks and wants to come out. Too often, we expect a mom to play…

How to best manage children's whims and outbursts according to the Montessori method

The management of a child's anger and outbursts often puts parents in difficulty as they constantly ask themselves how and if to intervene. One of the most authoritative aids on the subject comes from…

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