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Video About Psychology

5 attitudes we should all avoid if we don't want to hurt our mothers

There are figures in all our lives who are simply irreplaceable. Mom is certainly one of them. Think about it for a moment: excluding that of a partner, it is she who manages to give us an authentic,…

10 things that change inexorably when we lose a parent

When we lose a loved one, we realize that the world we have lived in up to that point will now change forever. It will change a little because we will have to deal with the absence of the person who is…

"I don't help my wife": a husband teaches a life lesson to men who don't participate in domestic life

A fair and equitable distribution of household chores within a couple, whether married or not, seems to be the starting point on which a relationship can develop in a healthy way and without any kind…

Cheating on your partner via the internet has the same traumatic consequences as a real life fling: the evidence

Once cheating on your partner meant looking ambiguously or flirtatiously at someone who was not part of the couple, or the classic excuse of too much work or too many commitments that have kept us away…

A study suggests that decorating your home early for Christmas makes people happier

Merry Christmas ... in advance! Even if there are still months before the most magical holiday of the year arrives, in the meantime while your children are dreaming about the gifts under the tree, you…

What do you see in the image? The first answer you give may reveal something about your personality

The way we observe and interpret the reality that surrounds us can be indicative of various aspects of our personality. Have you ever happened to dwell on some of the psychological tests or optical illusions…

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