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Video About Psychology

People who love being alone have these 7 special character traits

Everyone is different from someone else, there are those who love reading and those who do not, those who like to stroll on the beach by the sea, and those who prefer to hike in the mountains, those…

Life is not the same after the death of our parents

We are never adult enough not to suffer due to the death of a parent. Never mind that as an adult, a person already has their own family, a job, and a life to be pursued that is detached from their parents.…

10 things we do involuntarily because we have been treated badly too many times in the past

After suffering so much, being disappointed, and abandoned it is normal to change attitude one's towards life and people. A person becomes a bit more insensitive, cautious and, why not, cynical. Before…

10 habits that are "wrong" that reveal that you are a particularly intelligent person

Is it possible to be able to tell how intelligent a person actually is without resorting to IQ tests? Apparently, it seems to be possible. It is believed that more intelligent individuals are united by…

Mothers who use these 7 phrases raise stronger and more confident children

Parents express their love for their children in different ways, embracing them, kissing them, telling them stories and by simply spending time together. Each of these small gestures, even if they seem…

A visual test --- Is the man in a frontal or profile position? The answer will reveal something about your personality

Visual games and optical illusions, besides being a lot of fun due to their deceptive charm, can also give us some food for thought. In fact, by analyzing which details attract our attention, we can better…

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