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Video About Psychology

Getting angry for half an hour a day is good for your health, a behavioral study reveals!

Anger is one of the seven deadly sins, but in small doses, not only can it be forgiven, it is actually very useful. In today's society, in truth, the frenetic pace, the stress and the situations to which…

If you betray a Leo, you will never be trusted again! Here are all the secrets of a Leo!

One of the strongest characteristics of those born under the zodiac sign of Leo is their inability to tolerate or even forgive a betrayal. For them, trust is sacred, both in love and in friendship, in…

Having a "chatterbug" sister keeps depression away ... confirmed by social science!

In the relational dynamics and development of individuals, each family member has an important and different role from the others. Parents have the task of educating and indicating the path to follow,…

 A person born a Cancer is a treasure trove of exceptional qualities and breaking up would be pure foolishness!

Among the reasons that make analyzing the zodiac so fascinating is that each of the twelve houses hosts a sign with particular merits, flaws, and absolutely unique characteristics. The constellations…

The 4 tricks that narcissists always use to place themselves at the center of attention: Identifying them means you can avoid them!

Self-centeredness is the main characteristic of every narcissist, that is to say, having the constant need to be the axis around which everything else turns. Sooner or later in life, it has happened…

If you are a slightly disorderly woman, it means that you have a healthy mind and research confirms it

Parents have always fought to try to instill in their children, and especially in their daughters, the habit of keeping their room in order, often with poor results. The importance of having a well-organized…

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