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Video About Psychology

Whoever is absent too long ends up losing their place in the lives of others

The worst form of absence, the most painful one, is perhaps that of those who are only physically present, whose hugs are distracted, whose glances are empty, whose smiles are forced, and whose attention…

Those who are happy with themselves do not speak ill of others.

It happens every day to deal with people who do nothing but criticize the work of others, point fingers, and make judgments. These individuals are most likely unhappy. Being comfortable with yourself,…

Dignified solitude is better than a relationship that does not satisfy us

All of us at a certain point in life have found ourselves in an unsatisfactory relationship and we chose to end it and to be alone. But there are people who, out of fear of loneliness, stay in a relationship…

Working with an unpleasant colleague can ruin your sleep

If in the evening, even if you are tired, you still find it difficult to fall asleep and end up spending most of the night awake, unable to sleep, almost certainly the cause is psychological. Clearly,…

The 3-minute rule reveals the secret to making children happy, that all parents and grandparents should remember!

For a parent, work does not end when you leave the office because at home, in fact, there are children who are waiting. You have to prepare dinner, let them play, put them to bed and maybe clean up the…

8 details that allow you to recognize a hypocritical person

In life, not everything is as it appears - especially when someone does not want to show themselves for what they really are. Unfortunately, many people pretend to be someone who they are not, and often…

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