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Video About Psychology

Are you happy? The first thing you see in the image might give you the answer

How many of you like to challenge yourself with visual tests and games to train your mind? You have probably come across photographs or illustrations that have deceived you at first glance: this is how…

Look closely at these faces: do you see a man and a woman?

Appearances can be deceiving and this is well known. And what can perfectly illustrate this concept if not an optical illusion? An optical illusion manages to deceive our eye, or rather, our brain,…

The body part you wash first when you shower could reveal a lot about your character

What part of your body do you wash immediately as soon as you step into the shower? An apparently very trivial question that could, in fact, hide answers about our character, our attitudes and our view of…

A father of a 2-year old daughter calmly watches as his child throws a temper tantrum in public: this is a lession for all parents

There is no manual on how to be a perfect parent, and, to be honest, there is no truly "perfect" parent. And one might say this is a fortunate thing! American actor Justin Baldoni wanted to share with…

Sunday afternoon syndrome, when melancholy assails us and we don't know why

If we asked you what your favorite day of the week is, you would no doubt answer Saturday, or perhaps, Friday night. Yet, according to the calendar that we all use, Sunday is the day dedicated to absolute…

If you have an irrepressible desire to eat sweets, it's possible that you are getting little or not enough sleep

Who doesn't like to eat sweets? Although we all know that over doing it is bad for your health, it is clear that if sweet and sugary pleasures did not exist in the world, life would be decidedly more…

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