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Video About Psychology

8 Signs That Warn You That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

In our childhood, fairy tales teach us that there are good people and bad people in the world and that it is better to stay away from them. In cartoons or animated films, identifying evil people is very…

Science Affirms That Having A Sister Makes You A Better Person

If you grew up with siblings, probably at some point in your childhood you felt envy for your friends who were an only child. For them, in fact, life seemed to be a paradise! They had the loving attention of…

Cooking Sweets For Others Is Good For Your Mental Health. Words That Come Directly From Psychologists!

Those who love to cook never back away from preparing a delicious dessert. They are ready to churn out one every time there is a recurrence and never miss an opportunity to show off their cooking skills.…

People Who Blush Easily Are More Trustworthy And Generous!

Shy people, usually, live this personal characteristic of being extremely reserved as a burden that makes them feel embarrassed in every situation and of which, if they could, they would free themselves…

Women Who Get Angry More Easily Generally Have More Intelligence And Memory

Many men believe that one of the greatest dangers to run away from as fast as you can is an angry woman - and in some cases, we cannot blame them.  Yet, as taught by the story of Santippe, Socrates'…

To All The Dads With A Daughter --- Love Your Wife As You Would Like Your Little Girl To Be Loved

The relationship between father and daughter is one of the most genuine that can exist, immediately after that is the relationship between son and mother, which according to psychology is the most authentic…

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