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Video About Psychology

"Don't kiss my son!": a mom explains why it's better not to have too close contact with a newborn

But how good is it to cuddle a newborn baby? The joy it causes to hold him in your arms, comforting him, saying nice words to him, and above all covering him with kisses. A practice common among all those…

No new mom should spend too much time alone

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest blessings that Nature can offer to us human beings. Finally becoming the parents of a child fills both mom and dad with joy, yet in the society we live in today…

Mom prevents her adult daughter from sleeping with her boyfriend when they visit her: "My house, my rules"

It can certainly be difficult for parents to accept that their children have become adults, especially for those who find themselves having to raise a daughter. Especially in this case, the rules "to…

A woman's purpose should be to live a happy life, not to nurse a man

How many times have we convinced ourselves that to live a happy and fulfilled life we need to find a caring man, get married, create a perfect family, be a mother of sound principles and a model wife?…

My daughter, if your fairytale wedding turns into a nightmare, go home

Dear daughter, this is your mother who is writing to you. You know that you are the most important thing in my life, the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have no idea how much your father…

8 reasons why many parents don't want their children to spend too much time with their grandmothers

When a child is born within a family with a relatively young mother and father, grandmorthers very often step in to give a hand, both emotional and practical, grandmothers can take care of it. Their experience…

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