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Video About Psychology

Good people often go to a psychologist to learn how to protect themselves from bad people

Since when has trust and respect for others gone out of fashion? Since when has telling lies and being so competitive that cheating and being insensitive and rude have become the rule? Many sociologists…

Love them or hate them but Scorpio is a zodiac sign that is a mix of mystery and sensuality

Welcome to the eighth house of the zodiac, that of Scorpio. A person born under this zodiac sign has a charismatic personality; he or she is enigmatic, fascinating and is incapable of being ignored by…

When you think everything is going wrong, read these pearls of wisdom to calm your mind

We all feel depressed and unmotivated at certain moments in our lives, weakened by the external events that suddenly knock us down. Events that seem almost willfully to cast us into an abyss of psychological…

7 useful techniques to overcome anxiety and regain control of your life

For many of us, living and learning to live with various forms of anxiety has become a necessity from which we cannot escape. We are put to the test on a daily basis and we cannot do anything but try…

Here are 6 good reasons to cut off all toxic family relationships and live peacefully!

The family is usually our refuge, our safe haven where we hope to always find comfort and understanding. Whether it be our family by blood or family by choice, what we expect is always unconditional love,…

How to deal with loss -- grieving is a necessary process to better understand life

According to the psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler Ross, founder of psychopathology, after the death of a loved one there are five stages: denial, anger, plea bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.…

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