My daughter, if your fairytale wedding turns into a nightmare, go home -
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My daughter, if your fairytale wedding…
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My daughter, if your fairytale wedding turns into a nightmare, go home

January 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Dear daughter, this is your mother who is writing to you. You know that you are the most important thing in my life, the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have no idea how much your father and I wanted you, you can't imagine the tears of joy we shed when we found out you were coming on your way, the immense happiness when you were born. And then you grew up too fast, time passed without us noticing, and here you are finally married and with a man who loves you so much.

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But I want to give you dispassionate advice, dear daughter: if you see that your fairytale wedding is turning into a real nightmare, run away and never go back to him. If you notice that your prince charming is no longer what he used to be and has changed completely, come home; no princess should ever experience a horror story, but a fairy tale with a happy ending.

If your prince continually extinguishes your smile with violent or abusive behavior towards you, don't hesitate to run iback to our arms, and don't let the passing years and habits take their course; it is never too late to change your life if you realize that you are not living the fairy tale marriage you have always wanted, but a real nightmare.

My dear daughter, if your fairytale life turns into verbal abuse, psychological abuse or worse, know that all you have to do is take your things and come home to us; there is nothing greater than the love of a father or mother for their daughter; we only want the best for you, you deserve to live a life full of satisfaction, a real fairy tale where monsters, if they exist, are eventually defeated.

But a knight will not come to defeat the monster that torments you forever, no; you will be the one to wield the sword and destroy it once and for all. You, my daughter, with your own inner strength, are capable of desiring and obtaining love, respect and dignity. If your fairytale wedding turns into a nightmare, don't hesitate to run away, return safe to our arms.

An embrace from your mom.

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