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8 signs that can help us to know if…
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8 signs that can help us to know if our partner really cares about our happiness

September 05, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Romantic relationships are never easy to manage. Of course, the strong feelings of love are enough in theory to get through even the worst of storms, yet in some areas of everyday life this is not enough. How do we really understand if the person who is with us really cares about us, is not taking advantage of us and knows us better than himself? Here are 8 signs that could help you to better understand the person you are with. 

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  • They give you your own space: they know your needs well and when it is better to leave you alone to reflect on your life; they will never take it personally, on the contrary. We all need a moment for ourselves.
  • They know how to forgive you: we all make mistakes in life, even more so in the life of a couple. It's quite common to behave badly or say things that you didn't mean to say, but they know how to forgive you totally.
  • They know how to explain their departure: if your story suddenly ends, they will be the first to give an explanation, a justification, to take a step back, and above all, not to blame you.
  • They will always defend you: not all the people around us are necessarily as good as they may seem, many do nothing but gossip behind our backs, but know that a true partner will always defend you from insults and slander, whatever the cost.
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  • They make actions count, not words: every action or gesture they perform counts more than a thousand words. It is useless to await empty words of love from them; it is the things we do every day that make the difference, according to their thinking.
  • They take care of you even in the little everyday things: they know what you like and what you don't like, which is why even in the little everyday things they know how to bring you infinite joy: from an unexpected gift to a delicious dinner, and they will gladly do their share of the housework.
  • They are in harmony with your moods: they know very well when you are happy and when you are upset, when you feel down or when you are euphoric; they will always be in tune with your "frequency".
  • They always remember the most important dates: these too make up a part of the important little things; remembering a date like an anniversary or a birthday may seem silly or trivial, yet having an "elephant like memory" for these dates can bring an added value to your relationship as a couple!
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