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Video About Love

Love is in the details: 10 photos that show couples doing everyday things together

Love is probably the strongest feeling we experience during our everyday lives. Most of us don't need extravagant gifts or declarations of our partner's undying love for us everyday; the more simple gestures,…
Art Love

10 photos that demonstrate that real love does exist and can last forever

Love between two people isn't always a bed of roses, but that doesn't mean that it can't "last forever." These days, it seems like the idea of finding ever-lasting love is a thing of the past. Most young…

This girl's sweet drawings manage to describe love better than many romantic words

There are scenes with which everyone, sooner or later, can empathise and identify. Let's think for a moment about our daily lives and our relationships as couples: there are certainly many situations…
Art Drawing Love

A woman discovers that she first met her husband on vacation when she was 6 years old

Sometimes fate holds surprises so incredible as to make us think that they cannot be completely random. We are talking about all those events that have the power to remain etched in our memory and to…

Being a mom often requires a lot of patience and sacrifice, which is why we should learn to appreciate our mothers more

A mom would do just about anything for her children. It doesn't matter if sometimes she's a little too hard on us or she can be a little too demanding. These types of behaviors are usually signs to show…

Female couple adopt three orphaned siblings so they can all grow up together under one roof

KC and Lena Currie have always wanted to adopt children to enlarge their family; since the two women got married in "distant" 2013 they have ardently desired to have a child, so in 2017 they began the…

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