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Video About Love

A 26 year old woman is criticized for having an affair with an older man: "Is that your father or your grandfather?"

When it comes to love, there are no obstacles that can stop or jeopardize a relationship - do you agree? There are many cases in which the age difference between partners seems to be an insurmountable…

This man "divided" a mountain for love: he dug through the rock for 22 years, creating a road to his village

How many times have we heard the saying "desire is power"? Often, we tend not to trust our abilities and end up demoralizing rather quickly; in India, however, there was a man who proved that nothing…

A man with Alzheimer's asks his wife to marry him, not remembering that he has already been her husband for 12 years

Alzheimer's is a degenerative disease that gradually causes behavioral, memory and thinking problems. A real tragedy when our loved ones are involved. Being affected by Alzheimer's, in fact, not only…

He is 23 and she is 60: every day he defends her from cruel comments

In love, how important is an age difference? We are sure that we will always find someone ready to defend the thought  "just be happy, age does not matter" and someone else who no longer believes in…

She travels 10,000km to remove a "love lock" she had hung with her ex

When you are young and in love you make gestures that you might regret in the future, especially if the person to whom we entrust our love does not turn out to be the right one. Whether it is an inscription…

"Don't get matching tattoos with a friend": a woman repents after best friend steals her husband

You know that strange adolescent habit of tattooing an identical symbol, phrase or design together with your best friend? A sort of show of affection that involves a great deal of money and a permanent…

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