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Video About Love

According to experts, women should date a partner 10 years younger to rejuvenate instantly!

In love, there are no restrictions in regards to age, and yet, according to experts, a woman should try the experience of having a relationship with a younger companion who is at 10 years younger. According…

Men who are unfaithful, are less intelligent than those who are faithful, a research study reveals ...

Are you a man and you tend to be unfaithful? Well, then you may have an IQ that is lower than those who do not.  This is the conclusion at which a study entitled "Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent" has…

"Fall in love with someone that loves you as much as I love you"– a wonderful letter from a father to his daughter!

For a father, his daughter is a perfect being who deserves all the best out of life. So when she grows up and becomes a woman, independent, and free to make her own choices, a father would like to have…

If a mother is not needed anymore, then it means that she has done a good job!

Every woman knows that sooner or later the time comes for her child to leave the nest and go on their own way. This is an absolutely natural process but it is not painless, at least for those who continue…

6 things you will regret after losing a strong woman with a tender heart!

During an entire lifetime, it can happen that one falls in love often but rarely does one truly love. When this happens, it means that one has had the good fortune to meet a special woman, capable of…

When a person passes away, they actually continue to remain by our side

Sooner or later, the day comes when you are forced to be separated from loved ones. It can be a family member, a partner or a friend, and when this happens you have to deal with feelings of emptiness,…

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