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Video About Love

They ask her to disguise herself as her favorite superhero and the little girl chose to "makeup" as her father

When superheroes are not the subject of comics and films, they can be found around the corner, perhaps next door neighbors, capable of using their greatest superpower of all: love, affection, generosity.…

Husband and wife find the first photo they took together and recreate it 50 years later

The summer of 1968 was particularly a hot one, but that didn't stop a million young Americans from going to one of the most important music festivals in Rock history. It was the festival of Woodstock…

"Your mother consoled you with just the beat of her heart": the touching letter a father wrote to his newborn son

Having kids is a big step in a person's life. And with it comes so many changes and transformations. It's what transforms us from simply men and women into moms and dads. It also challenges/changes our…

An ingenious husband invents a special bicycle so that he can ride with his wife who has Alzheimer's

Every self-respecting love story has its difficulties and problems to face. One of the most difficult tests to bear, probably, is when, with the onset of old age, the first ailments and diseases arrive.…

8 tall women proudly display their shorter husbands and dare to challenge height stereotypes

Who said that couples made up of people of different heights are not happy? In particular, who said that men in a couple should generally be taller than women? Of course, maybe it is a common situation…

No matter how much we want them to stay, some people are destined to never be ours

Whether it is conflicting periods of life, non-reciprocal feelings, attitudes or simply complex psychological situations, it is not always easy to manage the innumerable possibilities that relationships…

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