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Video About Love

One should never have to beg for love! Therefore, if the other person does not appreciate you --- it is better to move on!

One thought that we should all keep in mind is that we must not beg for love, friendship or attention, because it is spontaneous feelings that everyone should be interested in cultivating in their lives,…

A nurse returns home after a 14-hour shift and her husband's words open our eyes to how difficult this job can be!

At the top of the list of the most precious, beautiful, and at the same time difficult professions is certainly that of the paramedic or nurse. Here we are speaking about those who daily spend endless…

When a married man cheats, he not only betrays his wife but also his children

Cheating, like it or not, is the other side of love and so many love relationships end because of cheating. In an increasingly social media world, there are plenty of opportunities because there are so…

A real father is not who pays the bills, but a man who puts his family above everything else

Many men can biologically create life and become fathers, but it takes someone special to be a "Father". Some people think that the role of a father is "only" to bring as much money into the house as…

A paralyzed wife leads and guides her blind husband ... This is true love!

Perhaps, it is something that not everyone is able to experience or find in life, but when it is there, it certainly represents an added value and whoever has it can consider themselves to be very fortunate. …

At the age of 3, he decides to marry his kindergarten girlfriend, and now they are a very happy couple

And if they told you that you had already met the love of your life at a very early age? It seems unlikely, but the power of love can truly accomplish incredible things. This is what happened to Matt,…

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