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Video About Love

He is a "love baby" because he was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead

Every mother imagines what her child will look like during the nine months of her pregnancy. And although nowadays, ultrasound techniques are increasingly detailed, the surprise effect at birth is still…

5 things that many women who have reached a certain maturity cannot tolerate in their personal relationships

A woman, like all self-aware human beings, never stops evolving and over the years she acquires more and more awareness and love for herself. While as a young girl, many women are inclined to feel more…

A real man does not make his partner suffer, instead, he loves her and does everything to protect her

Being a "real man" is not synonymous with having many women, but on the contrary, it is knowing how to love one's partner. A good relationship between two people is much more than physical intimacy or…

A bride and groom chose their grandmothers as bridesmaids for their wedding

The wedding day is very often the happiest day for the bride and groom! Getting married and the wedding itself is a very important and decisive step for the bride and bridegroom, which is celebrated during…

He is 19 and she is 72 and they got married just two weeks after their first meeting

How many times have we heard that "age is only a number" or that "love has no age"? Certainly many times! However, when the years between two individuals that form a couple are really a lot, then one…

The day we lose our mother, it may seem that we have lost a part of ourselves

Whether it occurs unexpectedly or predictably, the death of a loved one can be heartbreaking, especially when it happens to someone so precious in everyone's life as their mother. In fact, the mourning…

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