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Video About Love

14 Signs That Demonstrate You Have Had The Best Mom In The World

If we were to describe a moment in our life when we felt peace, harmony, and security, we would probably choose a moment spent with our mother.  Few relationships in life can indeed match that deep…

"Why I Still Need My Mom" Is A Letter That All Daughters Should Dedicate To Their Mother!

We often talk about how important the role of parents is in a child's life and the load of responsibility that comes with being a parent. But when is it that parents stop being parents and children stop…
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To All The Dads With A Daughter --- Love Your Wife As You Would Like Your Little Girl To Be Loved

The relationship between father and daughter is one of the most genuine that can exist, immediately after that is the relationship between son and mother, which according to psychology is the most authentic…

Aunts And Uncles Are People Who Are Fundamental For The Growth And Education Of Children

We have already said several times how important it is to raise children surrounded by love. It is generally thought that this affection should be provided by the parents and grandparents, but in families, there…

Everyone Laughs At Him For Giving Flowers To His Ex-wife, But His Response Silences Their Criticism

Accepting the end of a relationship is always very difficult. In fact, very often there is not enough reflection on the fact that feelings of love can have a duration in time, and above all, that it…

Happy Couples Tend To Get Fatter Than Other Couples --- This Has Been Revealed In A Study!

It is known that one of the most infallible ways to conquer someone's heart is through their stomach! If good cooking has always been a way to get someone's attention, it is also true that in general…

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