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Video About Love

The most jealous woman in England buys her husband 3 Xboxes to keep him from leaving the house: "So she has fewer distractions"

You know when a relationship ends due to extreme possessiveness and jealousy on the part of one partner? Well, an English woman named Debbi Wood made her jealousy her trademark, managing to get herself…
Absurd Love Stories

Their parents forbade them to date each other: after 50 years they are reunited thanks to their biological daughter and get married

It's really true that great love stories are also often the most difficult ones: Donna Horn and Joe Cougilllo know this well since they finally found each other again after 50 years and after having spent…

At 93, he falls in love with another woman and asks his wife for a divorce in order to "rebuild his life"

When you are young, you live incredible love stories, characterised by romance and passion that are difficult to find at an older age. But who said that a beautiful love story cannot be born even between…

15 couples prove that even with a large age difference, unforgettable relationships can be built

When starting a relationship it can be natural to make long-term plans, which include building a family and planning everything that would make it happen. When two people are on the same page, then they…

A 50-year-old woman surfs the internet and finds the love of her life: he is 28 years younger than her

Love is a feeling that has no age; How many times have we read stories of couples with a very large age difference but who, when love came knocking, thought nothing of the generation gap as their love…

15 couples in love who prove that a great age difference is not an obstacle to their happiness

Do you agree that true love overcomes all obstacles? If so, do you consider age to be one of these obstacles? There are many people in the world who have lasting and meaningful relationships with partners…

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