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Video About Love

Sisters are much more than the best of friends! They are a single soul in two bodies!

The relationship between sisters is not always idyllic. In fact, the relationship can begin with constant rivalry, and not develop until later into that magnificent form of mutual affection and respect…

This Down couple married for 28 years proves that love knows no boundaries

Many couples are well aware of the fact that keeping a marriage alive and healthy is not easy at all. Men and women who seem made for each other often promise eternal love and happiness, but then find…

How to deal with loss -- grieving is a necessary process to better understand life

According to the psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler Ross, founder of psychopathology, after the death of a loved one there are five stages: denial, anger, plea bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.…

When the love of your life is also your best friend, you will have met the perfect soul mate

If you are lucky enough to find true love and also have a true friend by your side, you can feel satisfied and complete. However, when both coexist in the same person then one can almost speak of a miracle,…

Better to be single than to be with someone who makes us unhappy

Being able to find the "right" person, with whom to share the joys and difficulties of life, is certainly not easy, but if we think about how many individuals live on this planet, one wonders how this…

Here is why anxious women are often the STRONGEST women

Women who suffer from anxiety are well aware of the feeling of anguish that suffocates, paralyzes, annihilates, and always makes one feel in a state of alarm and discomfort. Experiencing chronic anxiety…

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