This husband is disabled, his wife is not: despite numerous criticisms they want to start a family (+ VIDEO)

by Mark Bennett

May 19, 2023

This husband is disabled, his wife is not: despite numerous criticisms they want to start a family (+ VIDEO)

Good relationships are generally based on solid foundations such as mutual respect and proactive communication. However, difficult moments are part of life and all relationships, sooner or later, have these too. And if one (or both) of the partners has a disability, this can further complicate matters.

However, this doesn't apply to the couple in this story: with their genuine, deep love, they have demonstrated that they can overcome any adversity.

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Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward are an extraordinary couple. Shane is, unfortunately, suffering from a rather severe form of spinal muscular atrophy which forced to be wheelchair-bound since he was 2 years old.

But this didn't stop these two young people from falling deeply in love with each other. Indeed, their relationship seems able to overcome any obstacle.

The two have been together for over 7 years now and got married recently. They have also started a YouTube channel where they frequently talk about the evolution of their relationship and encourage people not to be prejudiced against "disabled" individuals. But there's more...


The happy couple now want to take the "next step" and say they feel  they are ready to start a family.

Given the circumstances, conceiving of a child will have to done via IVF procedures.

Unfortunately, many users expressed doubts about this union: many said they cannot understand how this relationship can endure, given Shane's condition.

Some even went so far as to say that the couple's marriage had been "staged" - and this was not the only negative comments made.

Notwithstanding this, the couple endures, united by their strong feelings of love and a desire to stay together forever.

Now, they intend to go ahead with their IVF plans which will start soon. Meanwhile they hope to inspire others to accept those with disabilities; we can only wish them all the best!