Woman discovers she is in a childhood…
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Woman discovers she is in a childhood photo with her future husband: "neither of us knew of the other's existence"

August 23, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Have you ever heard someone say "those two were meant to be together"? Maybe yes or maybe no, but in life it can really happen that two people were really made to spend their lives together. If there are some who do not believe that it is possible, that's fine, but they could be wrong and the spouses we are about to tell you about are proof of this.

Two young Ecuadorians, without even imagining it, met long before they got together year later and fell in love. Let's see together what happened and when.

Quien diría que ya te tenía visto para mí bebé 😎🤣 Revisando el álbum de la niñez de mi esposo, aparezco en una de las...

Pubblicato da Ailiz Melina Zambrano su Lunedì 25 gennaio 2021

Ailiz Melina Zambrano Pinargote and Pedro Pablo were made for each other and destiny, sooner or later, would ensure they got together in the end. In a video posted by the 26-year-old Ailiz on her TikTok profile, a photo is shown in which a young man is seen looking straight into the camera lens during a parade and, right behind him, a very young girl in a yellow T-shirt stands in the background in the midst of a crowd.

Have you guessed who we are talking about? Yes, it is these two future spouses who, by pure chance, a stroke of fate or simply a remarkable coincidence, were seen together when neither of them knew of the other's existence. The finding of the photo was just as accidental. In fact, when she was scrolling through the pages of her photo albums from her childhood, she realized she had an image of herself and her future husband together at a parade.

"We were speechless. Looking at that photo and discovering that we had been photographed together without knowing it, aroused many emotions in us: from amazement to joy. You would never imagine that a photographer had captured this moment in the midst of a large parade," the young woman said.

In short, this photographer basically "predicted" the future, taking a photo of the two children who, years later, would get married. The young woman then said that they really got together she was 17. At first, they were not interested in each other. When they got together at the university, however, a spark ignited a fire and they could no longer deny their great love.


The culmination of their relationship came when they got married and the promise of a happy, peaceful life together, for better or for worse. And we hope with all our hearts that it will turn out like this.

Have you ever heard similar stories?


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