At 60, this woman is in a relationship with a 21 year old man: "They tell me it's not normal and that I should leave him"

by Mark Bennett

April 18, 2023

At 60, this woman is in a relationship with a 21 year old man: "They tell me it's not normal and that I should leave him"

Meeting the love of your life is a wonderful thing and each of us hopes that it can happen to us too. There are those who meet each other in a club, at work, at school or university and those who, as is increasingly the case in modern times, through dating applications.

One of these applications acted as Cupid for the couple we want to tell you about here. So, it was too bad that many disapproved of the relationship and, for the woman, it has cost her a lot. Let's find out why:

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Pam Shasteen is a 60-year-old woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States, who caused a "scandal" with her relationship with Jonathan Langevin, a 21-year-old Minnesota man. The two met through a dating application and it was he who contacted Pam first.

Jonathan, a computer engineering student, texted Pam and said he was taken by her beauty. "We started chatting amiably and I soon discovered that we both loved astrology and the outdoors. Then he told me something stunning: he was 19 and not 21. I pointed out our age difference, but it wasn't a problem for him and we kept talking," Pam said.


After a week of chatting  and video calls, Jonathan decided go and meet Pam in person. Out on the town for the first time as a couple, the two were immediately given strange looks and teased as they passed. "I heard two women say we were disgusting," 60-year-old Pam said. But this didn't stop their love from blossoming.

Shortly thereafter, Jonathan left Minnesota to move into Pam's home. At this point there was only one more thing the couple had to do: inform their respective families. "I asked my daughters to join me at home to meet him and I was afraid of their judgment. But it was fantastic to see how they immediately took to him and the fact that he also played with my granddaughters as if he had always been part of the family. I was relieved to have their blessing," Pam stated.

It was the same for Jonathan, who, only a short time later, informed his parents that he had fallen in love with someone who was more or less their age. Again, no critisism or displeasure: they immediately accepted the relationship.

With my lover Pam Shasteen

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On the other hand, Pam's friends were very critical. During a dinner where she presented Jonathan, many remained silently disapproving.

"They told me it wasn't normal and that I needed therapy. They were convinced that he wanted to use me and take advantage of me, but I know it isn't like this and our love is genuine," said Pam.

Certainly, a 39-year age gap between a couple is not normal, but "love conquers all", no? What do you say: has this couple made a big mistake?