Critics lambast this woman because she has 13 children from 8 different men: "What's the problem?"

Mark Bennett

April 20, 2023

Critics lambast this woman because she has 13 children from 8 different men: "What's the problem?"

Meeting the right partner with whom to start a family is something that many of us dream of - but not everyone succeeds. Finding a soul mate is not a walk in the park. But what if it never happens? Must one give up starting a family because of this?

This is a question that the subject of this story most likely asked herself. This woman wanted to have a large family, but she has not met "the right man". So, to fulfil her dreams, this woman took a somewhat "unorthodox" path.

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Maggie is a young woman from Tampa, Florida, United States, and made headlines with a short clip she posted to social media. In the clip, she happily and proudly shows everyone her wonderful "crew" of children.

But many viewers criticized Maggie's lifestyle. They are not as critical of the fact that Maggie has 13 children, but rather that the kids have 8 different fathers. Accused of being irresponsible and promiscuous, Maggie brushes aside these critisisms.

In the video, Maggie appears with her kids and asks the question: "so what?" - underlining the fact that she doesn't see anything wroing with her lifestyle. Her children are healthy and happy, so who cares how many fathers they have?

Maggie also pointed out how wonderfully the family gets along. And this affirmation was praised by many viewers: "You are wonderful and you are wonderful with them," said one viewer. "Don't listen to the critics, you are beautiful," said another.

What do you think? Do you approve of Maggie's lifestyle or do you think it's excessive to have 13 children with 8 different men?