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12 animals who found their own warm…
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12 animals who found their own warm and cozy corner whether it's outside or inside the house

By Alison Forde

How do our animal friends always manage to find such small and comfortable places to curl up in? Our four-legged friends truly have an innate ability to assume odd positions to take a nap, laze about, sleep or simply to find a warm corner when it's very cold. Here is a fun photo gallery from some owners who couldn't wait to immortalize their pets keeping warm!

My cat likes to sleep under this lamp, it always keeps him warm!

image: voxerz/Reddit

It's impossible to resist the heat of the computer when it's on!


Finally, a beautiful sunny day!

There is nothing warmer and cozier than an oven!

Everyone's in front of the fire!


My kitty loves sleeping on my computer ...

image: Imgur

Sleeping on a pile of warm laundry: excellent!


But there is nothing warmer or more comfortable than nice cozy bedding ...

Be careful of the battery charger!


Even on the farm, you can snuggle up under the heat lamp!

How good it feels to be in front of the fire!

image: RooBoo/Reddit

Even among the books you can find a cozy spot!

image: pmeeni/Reddit

 Whether it's a ray of sunshine or an electric lamp, our 4-legged friends know how to find the best spots to relax!

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