15 pets who gave their owners a shock…
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15 pets who gave their owners a shock without doing it on purpose

July 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When we have a pet in the family we already know that we will be dealing with a living being capable of keeping us company, giving us affection, understanding, lots of joy and a carefree and above all a decidedly eventful life full of ... strong emotions.

Yes, because having a dog or cat in the house also and above all means not being able to predict what our four-legged friends will do, how they will behave at home or with guests, and if by chance we leave them alone for a few minutes or for a few hours, we are sure that when we return they will have gotten up to no good! Here is a fun list of photos where our animal friends have given their favorite humans a shock - fear not for now, they're all false alarms!

As soon as I saw my cat in the living room, I thought something terrible had happened!

 It looked like her paw, but it's actually just a harmless piece of wood!

Optical illusion or alarming reality?

 Don't worry, it's just a trick of the eye: the dog is fine!


Oh my goodness there's a Bengal tiger there!

In fact, if you look closer.... it's just my dog! 

A dog or a piglet?

 After taking this photo ... I'm no longer sure what I've been raising in my home all these years!

My dog can be really creepy when he wants ...

 Such a look is impossible to forget!


Look at that fearsome set of teeth! Run away!

 Don't worry: this friendly dog is just carrying a pinecone in his teeth!

A very special cat ...

Does it look like one of those spots is a hole to you too? 


How alarming!

image: frex4/Reddit

 I knew I should have fixed that crack in the ceiling!

He always stares at me like this when I go to the bathroom ...

 And I still can't get used to my dog's behavior and I always get a real fright!



 Check out the effect of my dog's pupils in this photo shot: they shine as if under a dark spell!

I was struck by fear as soon as I saw my cat like this!

 But luckily...it was only a little soil!

I couldn't find my dog anymore, until I heard a noise ...

image: Reddit

 And guess what, he raided the pantry and got stuck in it too!

Are you afraid of shadows?

 Well, my cat knows how to scare you with his horror movie silhouette!

At 5 in the morning I heard a noise in the kitchen: is it a thief?

image: Reddit

 No, it was just my naughty cat trying to steal food from the dog: damn it!

I entered the closet and ...

 ... two eyes were staring at me from the void: she scared me stiff


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