They have feelings too: 20 photos that…
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They have feelings too: 20 photos that show how fragile our animals can be

June 25, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Anyone who has one at home knows very well what we are talking about. A furry friend, whether it be a dog or a cat, knows how to make our day much better, and if they don't change it for the better, they certainly make it more colorful and lively. When they are small, our animal friends give off so much sweetness and tenderness that we commonly mistake them for soft stuffed animals. Yet despite their heart-melting cartoon-like appearance, they too have emotions and feelings, and when they get sad, angry or disappointed with our human behavior they can't help but make us exclaim: "Even our four-legged friends have their emotional weaknesses! ".

Here are 20 photographic examples that perfectly testify our theory!

What a cheeky face!

 This is my cat's face when he notices that I walk too slowly and stops to wait for me: what does he want to tell me?

My cats warned me not to turn on the vacuum cleaner ...

 And obviously, I didn't listen: now I'm sorry!


Every time he gets in the car he hides from the rest of the world!

 Do you know why? The answer is very simple: he thinks that getting into a car automatically means going to the vet!

I scolded him and now he's been making this face on me for at least 10 minutes

 But how can I resist when faced with such sweetness?

"Please, take me with you!"

 My cat really doesn't want me to pack!


An absolutely bizarre look!

I work as a dog groomer, and he is one of my favorite four-legged customers - he was shocked to see me outside the shop for the first time!

Do you think I forgot something before leaving home?

Oh yeah, I was about to forget my furry friend! 


His reaction when I say no

 No one in the world knows how to take offence like him!

He's about to be seen by the vet and this is the look he gave me just before

I think he'll make me suffer, once we get home, for bringing him here! 


The inquisitive gaze of those who see me put my shoes on and get ready to go out.

 Poor thing, he wants to come with me!

I was ready to put the last suitcase in the car when I saw this.

 I couldn't resist taking a picture of him: I was almost in tears!

My Luna is definitely not the biggest fan of the new puppy in the family

Look how jealous she is! 

When I show my cat the food I'm eating


"Human, get me out of this bath!"

 A very eloquent look!

The face of those who are at peace with themselves ...

 How cute and sweet natured!

My cat likes to stare at me while I'm eating...

 I feel I'm being watched and at the same time I'm very, very uncomfortable...

My husky's expression while he watches TV

 But what is he thinking?

I took my dog to the hotel with me, but...

image: AEG84/Reddit

 I forgot to bring his bed: what an idiot!

A cat that knows how to respond to provocation

 Look at her, she's sticking her tongue out at me!

"What was that noise?"

 It was nothing, now I can get back to sleep...


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