Love on all fours: 15 photos of pets…
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Love on all fours: 15 photos of pets that have become real family members

September 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Do you feel alone and need some company? Then we recommend you make the right choice; if you have the opportunity, adopt a pet, whether it is a dog or a cat, rest assured that it will be the perfect living being to always keep you company. Thanks to their unmistakable presence and their unconditional affection, dogs and cats are truly capable of changing the life of a human being once we decide to give them a home forever.

To celebrate the welcoming of four-legged friends in the homes of human beings as if they were real family members, we have collected for you some of the cutest and funniest photographic shots featuring owners and ... their four-legged friends!

Now our dog is 13 years old and getting on a bit...

The owner explains this tender photograph: "Jax is 13, he can't walk much today, but he would be heartbroken if we didn't take him for a walk. So now we're towing him in his cart!" 

True love...

When I sit on the sofa to play videogames, the two of them are always there to keep me company! 


I adopted my dog thanks to a charity I found online...

 I took this picture the first day he arrived at the house: it's love isn't it?

My cat is now an integral part of the house and family

So much so that I repurposed the old TV in the living room as a comfortable bed for my favorite kitten: isn't it beautiful? 

When I get back from work...

My dog never leaves me, not even for a minute: he misses me too much! 


Molly meets aunt Betty!

 As you can see from the photo ... it was love at first sight!

Spot the difference

image: Reddit

In the photograph I am holding, my dog looks joyful and happy, but in real life he has eyes that seem to say: "I wish you were here ..." 


He really didn't want to leave his little dog inside the hot car ...

So, this man decided to take him inside the shop with him ... in his own special way! 

On the left 5 days after adopting my cat, on the right, a shot from this morning

 The comforts of home and my affection have faired him very well!


A cat is for always...

This feline is so integral to his human family that it was he who carried the wedding rings on the wedding day for his two owners! 

It's not only part of the family now ...

.... but also a part of the furniture: at one with the sofa in the living room! 

Now that you are part of the family it is time for you to start learning how to do some things ...

.... such as, for example, learning to write! 

My dog is so scared of thunder and lightning that I built a fort for him!

 And you have no idea how comfortable he is in there, protected from everything and everyone!

Even when I study or work at home, he is always with me ...

 Or should I say ... on my shoulder!

And who said that we can only keep dogs or cats in the house?

 What do you think of my cute pet? Yes, it is a miniature bunny!


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