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A girl is escorted by almost 300 motorcyclists…
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A girl is escorted by almost 300 motorcyclists to the school prom: she was bullied for being dyslexic

September 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Bullying is a terrifying thing, psychologically devastating for those who suffer from it. There can be various examples of bullying, from the physical ones which result in violence, to the subtle and psychological ones, which undermine the mental health of the poor fragile victim, and which can often have very harmful consequences. This is the story of Felicity Warburton, a 15-year-old British girl who has from Asperger's syndrome and has been bullied at school for her condition for years.

via: Metro UK

'This will be the point where she can show the bullies that they can’t hurt her anymore.'

Pubblicato da Metro su Giovedì 9 settembre 2021

A group of kids younger than her had been viciously bulling because of her disability, and for this Felicity had even thought of taking her own life as the situation had become psychologically unbearable; her mother Kathryn, who asked for help from the WAC Motorcycle Club, an association of motorcyclists who would have accompanied the 15-year-old girl to the prom, to give the girl a hand. If these bikers agreed to escort her to school, Felicity would finally feel protected from the bullies who had been tormenting her for too long ... 

Mother Kathryn and her daughter had a great surprise when they discovered that nearly 300 motorcyclists had turned up to safely escort Felicity Warburton to the school prom, thus welcoming the appeal of the girl's with Asperger's mother: "Felicity has been looking forward to her prom because she feels this will be the time she can show them (the bullies) that they can no longer harm her. They mistreated her so much that she even contemplated taking her own life in the process last year, so I really want her prom to be everything she wants and needs. " 


Felicity's parents were convinced that perhaps a dozen motorcyclists would show up, and instead almost 300 men arrived on their motorcycles to give physical and moral support to the bullied teenager; in the end, on the streets of the town, there was a festive caravan of motorcycles, and on the saddle of one of them there was Felicity, the girl who has been a victim of psychological abuse for too long just because she has dyslexia and Asperger's. 

But now things were about to change: Felicity Warburton got on one of the many motorcycles that had come to escort her  to school all dressed up, like a real princess; buoyed by the loving support of her father and mother and her special "protectors" aboard a motorcycle, she was no longer afraid of the bullies who had terrified her for so long. And who knows what the guys who had psychologically tortured her for so long thought when they saw her arrive escorted by nearly three hundred motorcyclists, ready to defend the honor and dignity of this beautiful 15-year-old girl who deserved only affection, friendship and someone who understood, supported and encouraged her, despite everything.

The story of Felicity Warburton almost seems like a fairy tale with a happy ending: it begins with the pitfalls and the "bad guys" who put a spoke in the wheel of this oyung woman, but in the end she is saved by a real "army" of knights. riding a special horse capable of restoring peace to the kingdom and in the heart of the sweet protagonist.

A happy ending that Felicity has been waiting for for a long time, and that finally came in the most unexpected way!



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