She discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her and decides to leave him alone on the top of a mountain -
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She discovers that her boyfriend is…
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She discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her and decides to leave him alone on the top of a mountain

September 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It's not easy to end a love story that has lasted for some time, or in which the feeling is so deep that it wasn't expected in the least that it could end at any moment; in reality relationships can end abruptly any day and it becomes difficult to go on, at least at the time. What to do when you're left behind? At the beginning it's not at all easy, yet you can try to rebuild your life, piece by piece, trying to look to the horizon of the future with greater confidence. Or, in the spirit of revenge, we could try to take revenge on the partner who disappointed us, or betrayed us, just like the woman protagonist in this strange story did!

via: Reddit

The anonymous 20-year-old girl recounted her experience of the final breakup with her 22-year-old partner when she found out he had been cheating on her for some time; obviously, she decided he wasn't going to get away with it, and so she put in place a really elaborate and diabolical plan. Here's what she said on Reddit: "I'd been dating this 22-year-old guy for just over a year and he's been cute even though we have our differences. I love to train while he's always been a little lazy and out of shape, but it's never been a problem. Recently though, I saw my boyfriend in a bar with some of our other mutual friends and luckily, I saw him hanging out with the guys like he said he would be ... but his ex was there with him along with some other girls. I thought they just met, he never did anything suspicious before, but i guess i was a little too confident.

In any case! He came home very late, around 3am, I hadn't heard anything from either my friend or him, but I had stayed awake plotting my revenge because a break up for this kind of thing is not enough. I asked him to give me his phone and when he refused I said "so pack your bags and get out"; then he gave me his phone and I didn't know where to start to find out if he was talking with his ex but eventually I found a messaging app that I had never heard of and when I opened it, the first name that appeared was that of his ex-girlfriend. I was angry and I had already planned a little revenge."


The girl continued her story with these words: "Shortly after he apologized to me, telling me he would change, he promised. I was waiting for him, so I told him "prove it, come hike with me tomorrow, show me you can change your ways and do something I like for once."

All in all, we finally did this hike and stopped about every thirty minutes for him, making it a very boring 8 hour trip to the top. He was definitely trying to be kinder and gentler than he has been, but by then he had gotten a little pathetic, I already knew I would never take back a cheat. When we got to the top he immediately sat down and drank the rest of his water even though I warned him that he would definitely need it for the descent. I took some photos, kissed him and then turned around to start my trek back to the car. He was exhausted and he couldn't keep up with me, it was quite a long hike so I doubt he'll be home for a while. I don't know how things will go when he comes to get his things and where he will go next, but I'm really happy despite everything. "

Many Reddit users have supported the girl's choice to sever ties with him, although others couldn't help but be stunned by the revenge she plotted against her cheating partner. Did she right, in your opinion?



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