She finds a fox in her own backyard…
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She finds a fox in her own backyard and it's immediately love at first sight

September 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Not everyone happens to befriend a fox, yet that's exactly what happened to Emma Thompson, a London lady who owns a house with a beautiful garden. When she least expected it, two sweet foxes decided to visit her, and in no time at all between Emma and the two curious little animals a wonderful friendship was soon born. So, Foxy and her younger sister, seeing that the garden was a safe place and feeling loved, decided to settle permanently at the Thompsons' home. A very sweet story!

One day in late July, Emma Thompson was sitting in her office working on her computer and, given the high summer temperatures, she had decided to leave the kitchen door open to let in some fresh air. At a certain point, however, out of the corner of her eye, she immediately realized that something or someone had entered her house. She immediately had the feeling that she was not alone in the room, and seeing nothing she began to worry. Suddenly something very similar to a dog ran next to her ...

"Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something orange and it was moving right next to my leg - at the same time, she saw me and ran out the door," Emma said on social media.


That was the first time Emma met her new friend, a little fox nicknamed Foxy. For Foxy, showing up in Emma's yard soon became a habit, which allowed the owner of the house to study the little fox and figure out why she had chosen her garden. Foxy, in fact, was born in the courtyard of a neighbor of the Thompsons, who, however, was not a lover of animals. As soon as she discovered the fox's lair, she immediately proceeded to dismantle it. So the poor and defenseless Foxy was forced to find shelter elsewhere and, by chance, a little further on she had stumbled upon Emma's garden. For the little fox it was the perfect place to live, given the loving welcome from the owner who usually left her the leftovers meals on the doorstep. 


It actually didn't take long for Foxy to feel comfortable in her new home by acting as if she had always lived there. By now she was used to taking an afternoon nap on the seat in the courtyard, also visiting with Emma's cats; But that is not all. In fact, Foxy has an incredibly playful spirit and every time she gets the chance she enjoys hiding Emma's slippers in the garden. 

For Foxy there was no doubt, Emma's garden was perfect. Now the two routinely meet every single day, albeit at a safe distance.

In fact, an unprecedented friendship seems to have been born between them and Foxy - feeling safe - did not take long to introduce her younger sister to Emma. Now, these cute foxes use the Thompsons' garden as their personal playground, as well as being a safe place to live.

The sweet fox cubs just wanted to find a safe place to grow up without being constantly threatened. Emma, for her part, could not be happier and more honored to welcome Foxy into her life, and now enjoys her working hours watching her two little foxes play a few meters from her!


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