He sees a hungry mouse and organizes…
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He sees a hungry mouse and organizes a little picnic: a very sweet gesture

June 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Most people share a fear of mice; an ancestral fear that is in a certain sense instilled in us by the up bringing we receive at home. In fact, we are quite sure that many of you have been raised with hatred and loathing for these little rodents that are certainly not entirely harmless to humans. Many of these animals are associated with rather dirty and filthy places and can be carriers of disease; their main talent is sneaking into cramped places to gnaw and steal food wherever they find it.

via: The Dodo

Hence, it is only natural that many feel an innate sense of disgust towards these small rodents and have no hesitation about chasing them when they sneak into the house without warning. However, there are also very small mice, usually from the countryside, which do not generate fear if we stop to look at them and that perhaps, instead of catching them in a vengeful way and bringing them to a bad end, they could live a quiet life if released into their natural habitat.

Just like Brighid Rose, the woman whose video went viral. She had gone to spend the weekend with her father and mother at their country house; suddenly, a little mouse sneaked inside, gnawing on the wood to try to get inside the furniture and find food to steal.

Brighid's mother and father desperately wanted to get rid of the mouse, but then the girl took a decidedly more diplomatic approach: she slowly took the little rodent out, set it down on the country lawn, spread out on handkerchief and she organized a real farewell picnic for him: if the mouse was looking for food in the house, Brighid took it to him in the open air and it seems that the rodent particularly liked it!

As the girl recounts, the country mouse was in the girl's company for over an hour, nibbling fresh fruit and other small snacks; then, Brighid said goodbye and went back into the house, hoping that the rodent had learned its lesson and that he wouldn't come near the house again ... for his sake!

All the girl has done is be kind to that living creature, feeding it and leaving it in its natural habitat with a final picnic; a tender and simple gesture that respected the mouse's nature without necessarily having to punish it with more severe and definitive actions. How would you have treated such a small and hungry mouse?


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