She adopts a wolf cub who had been abandoned…
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She adopts a wolf cub who had been abandoned by its mother: now they are inseparable

June 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

If once it was quite common to choose a cat or a dog as pets, today choices of this type include the most varied options: reptiles, rodents, amphibians, birds, fish ... and so on and so forth! The important thing is that every animal is treated with respect and is legally purchased or adopted. It is not legal, in fact, to keep many types of species - it is important, in fact, to be well informed in advance. For example, in most countries in the world it is not possible to adopt a wolf: on the other hand, wolves are not pets at all ... Yet, in Russia, a girl named Alida managed to tame one, even to give her another chance at life. Kira, in fact, is a little wolf who was abandoned by her mother when she was only 3 days old and that without external help would not have been able to survive. Luckily, Alida was there for her.

As you can imagine, taming a wolf is not at all easy and certainly requires the patience and experience of an expert hand. Kira's mother belonged to a family that, at a certain point, was no longer able to manage the animal, forcing the owners to give her to a shelter. It was in that same shelter, then, that Kira was born. Unfortunately, the mom abandoned her cubs 3 days after the birth and Kira and her siblings were hand fed by the shelter's volunteers. For both the mother and the little ones, the chances of surviving in the wild were very slim, as no one had ever taught them how to hunt, for example. As soon as the cubs strengthened a bit, the shelter started looking for families who could welcome them.

Young Alida, a Russian girl, didn't hold back when she realized that Kira needed her. "I took her from the shelter when she was only 28 days old. She is intelligent but very stubborn. Right from the start, I started a socialization process with her. She saw a huge number of dogs, people and children. We walked to different places so that she could study different smells, and hear new sounds. Wolves have an innate neophobia, fear of everything new. It's a very difficult, long and tedious process, but it was necessary for Kira to live with me in a urban environment and feeling at ease "explained Alida.


People who meet her on the street with Kira on a leash are always very intrigued that she is a pet wolf and always ask her a lot of questions. What is it like living with a pet wolf? Alida reassures everyone that Kira is not dangerous and that she also has a 7-year-old child in the house, her son. Obviously, you must always be very careful, but with good training and the right amount of socialization, they are easily overcome obstacles. 

Alida describes Kira as a very caring and kind animal: "If she feels that someone is afraid of her, she won't come near". In addition, she has learned not to react to other dogs that provoke her on the street and she always keeps very composed and calm. 


There are people online who have complained about her keeping a wild animal. Many have criticized Alida for her alleged cruelty: keeping a wild animal of that type at home can be very risky. The people who, however, have known the girl and Kira, would never dream of accusing her of being inappropriate in keeping Kira. The young woman, in fact, knows very well what she's doing and would never dream of endangering her own life or, even worse, that of her son.

 Of course, it's not for everyone to keep a wolf "in the house"!

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