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Its owners abandoned it in a dog kennel because it was too big and aggressive: but a DNA test saves its life

Although the most common pets are dogs and cats, every species in the animal kingdom can keep people company and therefore be classified as a pet. From birds to fish, from turtles to spiders, everyone…

A trapped timber wolf is freed by a Forest Service ranger!

When a forest service ranger received a report of a timber wolf trapped in the forests of Wisconsin, he did not think he would have been confronted with such a large specimen. Nevertheless, the expert…

A giant wolf sits by her side --- Look what happens as soon as she caresses him!

The wolf that you are about to see may seem a ferocious and dangerous creature given its size, but in a few moments you will see and appreciate the true character of this giant wolf, Kekoa. You can easily…

A huge Colorado wolf in a snowy forest! No one imagined seeing such a majestic animal!

If you should ever happen to meet a huge wolf in the forest ... it is definitely not recommended that you imitate the seemingly dangerous actions of this woman in the video. Apparently, without any fear,…

The reaction of this dog to the howling of the wolves gave me chills !

There is something quite charming and mysterious in the howling of a wolf. A deep instinct, of this sweet German shepherd, urges him to imitate his fellows, even if he doesn't seem to understand why.
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The encounter between Anita and the Wolves

Anita has spent two years helping this pack of wolves to socialize with human beings

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