A huge Colorado wolf in a snowy forest!…
Daddy dog gently helps his puppy down the stairs; but when you see what the cat does....you will die laughing! Dogs and cats are allowed into the hospital to comfort their owners: the effects are surprising!

A huge Colorado wolf in a snowy forest! No one imagined seeing such a majestic animal!

February 19, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

If you should ever happen to meet a huge wolf in the forest ... it is definitely not recommended that you imitate the seemingly dangerous actions of this woman in the video. Apparently, without any fear, she approaches the huge majestic wolf, Kekoa, who surprisingly does not show any signs of fear or aggression!

The truth is that the woman, Danielle, works at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Colorado, where many wolves, including Kekoa, live as a protected species in a likewise protected area. We can all be understandably envious of Danielle and the opportunities she has to associate with such marvelous creatures! 

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