19 photos of cats that are so cute and…
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19 photos of cats that are so cute and tiny they should be considered "illegal"

February 04, 2021 • By Alison Forde

"So adorable they should be considered illegal": that's how many viewers on the internet ironically define the most beautiful kittens around. In fact, these people are not wrong! Who wouldn't want to cuddle a soft and cute little bundle of fluff like one of these kittens right now? Cat lovers will all agree, but even those who just need to cheer up a little will appreciate this gallery of cute kittens. They are all so beautiful and cuddly, that in the face of their blatant sweetness we cannot help but surrender.

Don't you feel like adopting one too?

1. "Here he is trying to win us over with his big blue eyes!"

2. "Here he is sitting on the couch, looking menacing .... isn't he adorable and incredibly tiny ?!"


3. A petty "criminal" celebrates his birthday!

4. It's so small it can rest in the palm of your hand!

5. Four adorable little rascals - they should be considered illegal for being so cute!


6. "Look how small he was when I found him on the street!"

7. Ah! Where is the phone I ordered? I was scammed by a little criminal kitten!


8. "Her name is Jolene. She's small, but she's not afraid of anything"

9. We'll see in a moment if it's a good day...


10. "This dangerous criminal took me hostage ... now I'm forced to take him wherever he wants!"

11. "We just spent an hour looking for her ..."

12. A kitten so tiny that he can use a mask as a hammock!

13. The scale does not lie: it is a very cute little kitten!

14. An almost successful camouflage attempt ...

15. "Here's my new assistant!"

16. "That's why I couldn't find my cell phone ..."

17. He's working from home too...

18. "Ah mom's shoe is so comfortable!"

19. BONUS: A fruit box full of petty criminals!

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