Curly cats are different from all the cats you have seen so far --- Just take a look at their fur to understand why! -
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Curly cats are different from all the…
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Curly cats are different from all the cats you have seen so far --- Just take a look at their fur to understand why!

December 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Those who love cats find them all indistinctly beautiful and elegant: some races, however, are so particular that they deserve a separate discussion.

Among the less well known is the Selkirk Rex cat, with curly hair, similar to that of a lamb. There are cats with long and short hair, but finding cats with curls is really unusual.

Here is a photo gallery of beautiful Selkirk Rex cats that are a feast for the eyes! And these images will make you want to sink your hands in their soft mass of luxurious curls!

The Selkirk Rex is a new and fairly recent cat breed; it is said that the first specimen was found in the American state of Wyoming, in 1987. Unlike, other breeds, the Selkirk Rex was not born from out-crossing or out-breeding. Its curly fur is the result of a genetic mutation.

The owner of the first curly-haired cat decided to mate it with a black male Persian, in order to obtain other specimens with the same characteristic curly hair. The genetic character of curly hair turned out to be a dominant gene, therefore, in the first litter of six kittens, three were straight-haired and three were Selkirk Rex kittens with curly hair! 


Thus a true breed was created, today very much appreciated. These are large cats, with a docile and patient temperament. Compared to other cats, they are very affectionate towards their owners and are particularly suited to living inside a house or apartment. Selkirk Rex cats can be of many different colors and from single shades to multiple colors and patterns.

Contrary to what one might think, Selkirk Rex cats do not require more care than a normal cat. In fact, they do not have particular nutritional needs and their curly hair can also be cared for just like normal cat hair.

However, their hair should not be brushed too often to prevent them from losing their curly shape. Nevertheless, regular brushing is necessary to prevent knots in the hair from forming. 

From the standpoint of health, Selkirk Rex cats are particularly resistant to disease. The only risk they run is the formation of fur balls in their stomach, which can be avoided and resolved by regular brushing.


And now enjoy this photo gallery of images of beautiful Selkirk Rex cats and kittens! Don't they make you want to caress and cuddle one?




















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