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Look at the picture and choose the flower…
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Look at the picture and choose the flower that attracts you the most: The answer may reveal something about your personality

November 09, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Flowers have always represented something important in the lives of humans. From some flowers healing remedies or herbal infusions are obtained; others, however, can also be consumed as food.

Furthermore, a specific symbolism is attributed to flowers, above all linked to the sphere of human existence.

Many have to do with feelings, like the white rose that indicates love, but they can also reveal a lot about the character of each individual person.

Among these six flowers, which one would you choose?

Choose the flower that attracts you the most from the following. Then read what the description says about you ...

1. Rose

image: torange.biz

If you have chosen this flower it means that you are very generous and altruistic and that you can give all of yourself to those who are dear to you. But when you need it, you use your thorns and you are not afraid to protect the people you love.

In love relationships, you are a little bit demanding because you would like for the other person to know how to be as constant and faithful in their feelings as you are. For you, the rose represents generosity and feelings of affection and love.


2. Lily

You are a very calm and good person, creative, open to new experiences and full of energy, a characteristic that arouses interest in you.

You are ambitious and to achieve your goals you know you always have to work together with others. The lily symbolizes purity and beauty.

3. Black rose

image: Pixabay

You have a unique personality that distinguishes you from others, you are out of the ordinary. You are very independent and cannot stand it when people try to change your mind about what you think.

You have a lot of confidence in yourself but not in others, and you often prefer to be alone rather than in the company of other people. The black rose depicts mystery and elegance.

 4. Orchid

You feel a part of the world, as a traveler and a discoverer. When you find yourself in front of an obstacle, you try to overcome it with all your strength.

It is for this, your extraordinary ability that you are surrounded by many people, who ask you for advice in solving their problems. For you, the orchid symbolizes the lush and exotic qualities of life.


 5. Amaryllis (Belladonna Lily)

You have a very sociable nature and this makes you a very sought after and loved person. You are always there when someone needs a helping hand and you are ready to listen and solve any problem, big or small.

Your wisdom makes you a good adviser. This flower represents, for you, courage and beauty.

 6. Tulip

image: MaxPixel

This flower indicates that you are a very sensitive person, affectionate and sweet. Love is, for you, a very important feeling and for this reason, you give yourself completely to the people around you.

You must learn, however, to have more confidence in your abilities and in who and what you are. In your way of seeing life, the tulip symbolizes perfect love.

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