What do you see in the image? The first…
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What do you see in the image? The first answer you give may reveal something about your personality

October 30, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The way we observe and interpret the reality that surrounds us can be indicative of various aspects of our personality. Have you ever happened to dwell on some of the psychological tests or optical illusions that are now widespread on the internet? Depending on what your eye and brain perceive, it is said that you will have certain characteristics, or not. Obviously, these are just entertaining games which could, however, reveal something unexpectedly true about the personality of each of us. Take, for example, the following image: What is the first thing that strikes your eye? Then evaluate your answer!

Look carefully at this photo: what is the first thing you see? Compare your answer with the following descriptions.

1. The girl with the umbrella

If the first thing you saw was the girl with the umbrella, it means that you are an extremely tolerant person. Especially in love, you know that the most important thing is not to be the same as your partner, but to try to compliment, in a certain sense, your other half. You are always very understanding and your loving nature makes you an ideal person to have around. 


2. The Eiffel Tower

If you immediately recognized the setting and, therefore, the city of Paris, it means that you are an extremely creative, romantic and dreamer. Also in love you try to find as many new solutions as possible to express your affection, always indifferent ways. People never get bored with you! 

3. A face

The fact that you saw a face first in the image suggests the importance you place on others. Your friends are very lucky to have you around and even your partner knows that your love is total. When you decide to establish a relationship, you give your all!

Maybe these are aspects of your personality that you already knew, or maybe not. For sure, this cute visual test helps you focus on them!


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