The first part of the body you wash in the shower can reveal what type of person you are

by Shirley Marie Bradby

December 17, 2018

The first part of the body you wash in the shower can reveal what type of person you are

The way we do the simplest and most trivial things every day, tells us something about ourselves, about our personalities, like for example, when we take a shower or a bath.

Each of us, in fact, washes our body starting from a specific part (shoulders, chest, back, feet, etc.) and although this gesture may seem meaningless, in realityit is not.

In fact, it conceals some of our most intimate character traits. Let's see what they are.



  • 1. Face: Washing your face first means taking care of the part of the body that is first noticed by other people. This apparently banal gesture hides a certain sense of inner discomfort when we are in the company of others because we are afraid of what they may think. Therefore, one suffers from anxiety and accepting negative opinions about oneself is very difficult. 
  • 2. Private parts: Washing your private parts first, indicates that you are a shy person, introverted and with low self-esteem. Even though you are one of those who within groups does little to be noticed, you are a person that everyone knows and appreciates
  • 3. Legs or arms: Washing your legs and arms first represent the great decision-making power you have, determination to get what you want, and your humility. In the context of social relations, you are an individual that people can count on.

  • 4. Hair: Washing your hair first is equal to saying that you are a disciplined, orderly, practical, and precise person who allows themselves to be guided a lot by the brain and very little by impulsiveness. 
  • 5. Back: The back represents your conscience since it involves the nervous system and the brain. Washing this part of the body first indicates that you are a cautious person, a little wary of social relationships, and who thinks long and hard before making a decision. 
  • 6. Shoulders and the neck: Shoulders have always symbolized burdens and washing them first denotes the tendency to want to free yourself of heavy responsibilities. If while taking a shower you focus first on the upper part of your body, it means that you are a positive and competitive person who is always busy. 
  • 7. Chest: Washing your chest first denotes in your personality a certain confidence both in yourself and in others, as well as always using pragmatism and determination in every choice to be made.

And what part of your body do you first dry with your towel? Do you find a correspondence in your personality?