Why loving someone too much might not be good for us

Shirley Marie Bradby

December 18, 2018

Why loving someone too much might not be good for us

For love most would do anything, to know that the other person is happy and well, and that also makes us feel happy and gratified.

However, we do not always remember that within a relationship, of whatever nature it is, the actors are more than one and each plays the same role and has the same importance as the other.

Often, we forget that in love there is a very thin line, imperceptible to the human eye, but it is always there, namely, the consideration of oneself and especially one's own dignity.

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In order to give importance to the other and to keep them close, one puts aside self-love, and one forgets to give the right value to oneself. But love is not this and one must never sacrifice oneself for someone else.

If you are not the first to respect and love yourself, nobody else will do it, unless you are involved in an unbalanced and unhealthy relationship. In fact, love should be seen a bit like a rowboat: if a couple rows together as a team then the boat will move along nicely and reach its destination, but if only one person is rowing then the boat will not move forward for very long.

In every relationship, therefore, are some set and precise limits. Each person in the relationship must be on the same level as the other, and both must give and receive in the same way. Never forget that love is not - and should not be - blind, because not everyone deserves to have a person next to them who is so devoted and ready to accept everything.

Therefore, never settle for the first person you meet, just for fear of being alone! It is better to be in the company of oneself than stuck in a one-way relationship.

Remember, no one, in the future will give you a medal for having "endured" and "sacrificed" yourself! As a matter of fact, in a healthy relationship, there are no martyrs and there is no self-negating. When you feel that you are compromising too often, it is time to move on.