Quick visual test: The number of horses you see in the image can reveal something about your personality

Shirley Marie Bradby

August 05, 2018

Quick visual test: The number of horses you see in the image can reveal something about your personality

Our personality, as well as our way of expressing ourselves when relating to others, or when making our choices, also influence the way we perceive reality.

If we asked several people to look at the same photograph, for example, they would rarely note the same details. Some of us focus on the global aspect of things, others are more acute observers, and others have a more distracted and summary vision.

Here we offer you an interesting visual game to understand something more about yourself. Briefly observe this image: How many horses do you see? The number will reveal something about your personality. 

NB: Do not force yourself to see as many horses as possible, this is not a quiz! Register in your mind only the figures that you instinctively see in a natural way  ...


From 1 to 4 horses 

If you have counted a number of horses less than the fingers on your hand, it means that you are a very pragmatic person, who prefers to see things in a global way and arrive at an appropriate solution. The details do not interest you too much, because you prefer to see the final effect as a whole

You would probably be - or you are - a good project manager because you can predict and evaluate the result of something even without necessarily knowing all the details. You like to work in a team and you do not believe in individualism. In fact, even if you are sure of yourself, you are not self-centered. You do not feel indispensable and you know that only doing things with passion and commitment can lead to lasting and constant results

Between 5 and 10 horses 

If you have registered in your mind from five to ten horses, it means that you are a person who takes things seriously and strives to give the best of themselves. Sometimes you can be a perfectionist, but in general, you can dose your energy based on the goal you have to achieve. 

You are well aware of your goals and do not lose sight of them, even if the process by which you reach them is not always linear and can lead to disorder. In short, you are efficient but not methodical. 

You have a fair amount of self-confidence, and sometimes, if things do not go as you think they should, it can discourage you. But you are saved by your energy and perseverance because you are not one who gives up easily!

11 horses or more 

If you have seen more than ten horses, you are certainly an extremely precise person. When you have a task, you do not stop until you have completed it, and this makes you particularly reliable. On the other hand, sometimes you risk getting bogged down in your own mental processes, spending too much time and energy when it is not required. 

The areas in which you are at ease are certainly those that require a lot of patience and precision: from science to administration, there is no detail or particularity that escapes you. The only thing you have to be careful of is insecurity: doing things in a meticulous way is often a symptom of insecurity because you always doubt the result and always try to improve it. Work on yourself, take note of this ... but enjoy your wonderful gift keeping in mind that from time to time everyone makes mistakes! 

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