The "sleeping prince" of Saudi Arabia…
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The "sleeping prince" of Saudi Arabia waves his hand after 15 years in a deep coma

October 28, 2020 • By Alison Forde

After a terrible car accident, arrived the darkness of a hospital, and then a vegetative coma; a coma that lasted for 15 years and which has deeply shaken the family. We are talking about the story of Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia who in 2005 was the victim of a terrifying car accident and which forced him into a long and seemingly hopeless condition. Until in 2015, a faint hope was delivered in front of the eyes of his loved ones ...

After 10 years in a vegetative coma, the Saudi prince Al-Waleed in 2015 moved his head slightly from side to side, a movement that has not been repeated since that juncture; a hope that immediately lapsed, until in October 2020 the "sleeping prince" of Arabia repeatedly waved his right hand as a signal after listening to family members speaking gathered there next to the hospital bed.

At each voice signal Al-Waleed seemed to move his hand, as if it were a silent response to the fact that, perhaps the prince who has been asleep for too long, was beginning to pick up external auditory signals. Wonderful news for the Saudi aristocratic family who, given their financial legacy, have had no obstacles in the past years in guaranteeing their heir by right all the necessary care.

But, despite the family's financial advantages, this tragedy has not spared a young man who seemed to have everything: money, an important aristocratic position, a bright future already written.



Al-Waleed's terrible car accident happened in London, when the boy was only 18 years old and he was there to study. But now, the right hand that moved for the first time, is raising the hopes of all of Saudi Arabia, just like in the best respected fairy tales. The sleeping prince is, perhaps, about to awaken from a spell that has lasted 15 years.

And as with anyone who is the victim of an accident like this, we can only wish him a very prompt recovery and a new return to life!


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