Test yourself with this visual quiz…
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Test yourself with this visual quiz that says the first thing you see reveals something about your personality

November 01, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The Internet is now full of psychological quizzes and optical illusions that test even the most attentive observers with images that deceive the brain, making us see things that, in reality, do not really exist.

The observation of these images, as well as being fun, is also very subjective because everyone can see something similar or different from another person.

Furthermore, it is fun to associate with each interpretation of the image, a brief description of some traits regarding our character or personality. And at that point, the game becomes more about finding out more information about ourselves.

Try this short visual test and read the description and see if it fits your personality.

What is the first thing you see in the picture?

Don't think about it too much ... the answer is in the first thing you see!

1. A dog

If the first thing that struck you about the image is the figure of a dog, then it means that you are probably a person who pays close attention to detail.

Those who see the dog as the first thing, seek sincerity and spontaneity because small gestures are of great importance to them.

The image of a dog represents relaxation, quietness, and loyalty - all the characteristics and sensations you are looking for also in life and in your relationships.

In a love relationship, your companion must be someone who can understand you and support you. Someone who respects your personal freedom and with whom, at the same time, you can share a welcoming home and an interior space that consists of the tranquility, which you have conquered after years of hard work.

Even in friendship, and more generally in the people around you, you seek respect and serenity.


2. A human face

If instead, it is the human face that has attracted your attention the most, then it means that you are focused on your objectives and on what you would like to achieve in the near future.

You are a person who is very duty conscious and who always carries out tasks impeccably and punctually.

You are more at ease with jobs that require and utilize your intelligence and creativity, because simple things bore you after a while. Therefore, to stay active, you always need to be involved in stimulating activities.

Even if you have clear ideas about what you want, inside you always feel that you want to achieve something more - you feel a constant lack of something: maybe a nice car, a charming house, a good job ...

Although, it is certainly true that these are all important achievements, however, they do not represent the essence of life, for you or for your loved ones.

What you lack are not material possessions, but just a little more tenderness.  And letting yourself be in contact with your emotions and being able to understand them is not synonymous with weakness, but with personal growth.

Listen to the depths of your heart and understand what your personal needs are and what is important to you, and start to move forward from there.

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