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How we judge others reveals a lot about…
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How we judge others reveals a lot about ourselves!

October 04, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In this image, there are four men; three of them have a saw in their hands that they are using to cut a portion of a tree upon which another man is sitting.

The question we ask you is very simple: In your opinion which man is the most foolish? Answers are subjective and depend on the personality that each of us has.

Choose a number and then look at the corresponding answer to discover more about your own character and personality!

Which man is the most foolish?

1. You are a person who in many cases surrenders easily --- You do not like to fight to show your intelligence or your character. Your only interest is what could affect your life, everything else does not matter much. You always try to remain calm and peaceful because you are kind and honest. 

2. You are the type of person who often indulges too much in fantasy and dreams. When you have to make a choice you do not seriously consider the real situation and this leads you to make mistakes that could have been avoided if you had taken a little more time to think. 

3. You are the type of person who allows your choices to be guided by instinct, without thinking too much about the consequences. You are also very courageous and always strive to achieve your goals. You put in a lot of work and effort to finish any tasks that have been entrusted to you or whatever project you choose to do. You were born under a lucky star, which brings you good fortune and guides you through life. 

4. Rebel is the word that best describes you. It does not matter much to you, to meet the expectations of other people or to follow rules and regulations. To reach your goals and objectives you are prepared to fight long and hard and to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. You listen to the opinions of others but in the end, you always tend to give more importance to your own.

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