The way you close your fist could reveal some aspects of your personality -
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The way you close your fist could reveal…
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The way you close your fist could reveal some aspects of your personality

August 10, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Some gestures we make are made unknowingly, unconsciously, perhaps we have learned them from our parents or maybe not --- but what is even more curious is the fact that not all people do them the same way.

In addition, what if the way a gesture is made reveals some aspect of an individual's personality?

This following test alludes to this and we ask you to do the test to see if the answer to the previous question is yes or no! Just look at how you close your fist and read the profile that matches you.

1. All your fingers hide your thumb

How others consider you: You are seen as a creative and intelligent person. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you communicate the joy of living and happiness, even if your mood changes every day. Generally, harmony and tranquility are characteristics that are attributed to you. 

How you really are: You are a kind, educated, and wise person. You know how to appreciate the company of other people but you still prefer solitude and silence. You always worry about hurting others and often end up silencing your true thoughts. You also try to find the way to make your dreams come true. Although you are a very nice person, you have chosen to have only a few friends. 

In love:  You are looking for a simple relationship that gives you the opportunity to feel free and relaxed. Unfortunately, though, even when things are not going well, you tend to stay in the relationship and not make drastic decisions because you do not want to hurt your partner or due to hoping that eventually, everything will work out. You forgive and forget very quickly, a quality that not many people have.

The thumb position over the other fingers

How others consider you: People trust you because you have charisma and talent. You easily win admiration and respect from others. Your attention to being honest and respectful is admirable. 

How you really are: Sometimes you tend not to act because of fear. You are scared to be wrong, to feel bad about yourself, and to be disappointed. What really makes you happy is the company of the people closest to you, those who have stood by you in the most difficult moments. 

In love: You are afraid to show your true personality and you do it only when you feel confident that you can. Your fear of suffering is often mistaken for coldness and distance. You should learn to open up more and to be stronger when facing life events.


3. The thumb covers only the index

How others consider you: Intuition and imagination are your main weapons. You are seen as kind and helpful even though sometimes too insecure. You are curious and an explorer, if you have a doubt you try to immediately clarify it. You are also impatient and stubborn if something has to do with your own personal interest. Your natural charm often attracts many people to you. 

How you really are: You are good people, love to keep peaceful relations and avoid any conflict. You are very kind, but it has happened that someone has taken advantage of your availability and courtesy. The good news is that you know how to identify those who do not behave well with you and you keep them away! 

In love: Not in all of your relationship, have you been able to be yourself and feel comfortable. Love does not always occupy the first place of importance in your life, which is where your personal priorities are located. Despite everything, you dream of sharing life with a person, when and if the right person comes along. 

Is the profile true? Do you really believe that the way the fist closes has to do with the personality?

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