Are you happy? The first thing you see…
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Are you happy? The first thing you see in the image might give you the answer

May 18, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

How many of you like to challenge yourself with visual tests and games to train your mind? You have probably come across photographs or illustrations that have deceived you at first glance: this is how optical illusions work! The strength of these images is precisely in the fact that they manage to deceive our visual systems, making us believe that we can see things that actually have another shape or that, sometimes, are not even there!

The official account, "Bright Side", has posted on TikTok an optical illusion that could reveal something about your current mental state. Yes, in short, the question is a classic one: are you happy? Look at the photo below and the first thing your eye catches will give you the answer to this question.

Look carefully at the image and answer without thinking about it too much: what do you see?

Are you happy at this moment in your life? This is an important question that, of course, does not have an univocal answer in the result of a visual test. But there may be some truth in the result. Look at the image and register the first thing you see, without thinking about it too much.

An eaten apple core: if the first thing you noticed is the eaten core of an apple, well, don't panic: although registering the shape of an eaten apple core may intuitively suggest a negative view of life, in fact, it is just the opposite! According to the video, whoever sees an apple core knows how to deal with the ups and downs in life and the things that happen - and for this reason, they are happier people. The approach of these people in life is simple: "Take things for what they are and be happy enough with what you experience in your life."

The profiles of two people: if you have registered the profiles of two people instead of the apple, it certainly does not mean that you are sad and unhappy. But there may be things in your life that are undermining your happiness ... especially with regard to inter-personal relationships. If you saw two people facing each other, it probably means that relationships are very important to you - so much so that they are a major priority. Perhaps, at this moment, you are having some difficulties in managing a relationship with a loved one? In this case, play the communication card: talking about what is making us unhappy is always a way to improve a negative situation!

Of course, this is just an optical illusion, which does not pretend to understand what we really feel, but which perhaps can act as a reference point to help us improve and understand ourselves better.

What result did you get? Write to us in the comments!

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