After his divorce this father hires a nanny to care for his children: "I didn't like her and I was going to fire her - but then I married her instead"

Mark Bennett

May 08, 2022

After his divorce this father hires a nanny to care for his children:

Business and working relationships are not always like opening a box of chocolates. It may happen that, for whatever reason, it is not possible to establish a good relationship with one’s colleagues or, even worse, with the boss. Maybe out of fear of offending or alienating them, establishing a closer relationship with your boss is not always easy or advisable. For this and other reasons, we tend to stay aloof, be standoff-ish and to keep our distance - but in the story we are about to tell you, it did not exactly go like this.

Krystle and Ben, the two subjects of this story, had established a very superficial - one could say, professional - working relationship. He was the employer and she was the employee - nothing more. But over time, something changed and the whole affair turned into a real romantic comedy. Let's see how all this happened:

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Fresh from a divorce and with 3 children to take care of, Ben was a lone entrepreneur who needed a hand to manage his family. So, he decided to hire a nanny to take care of his house and his children. And this is where Krystle came onto the scene, when Ben hired her as a fulltime nanny. Krystle was a 23-year-old young woman who, in a very short time, won the respect and affection of Ben's children.

But things were different for Ben. He considered her a below-average, under-performing employee. He said: "I hired Krystle at a time of great need, but I immediately realized that she was the worst nanny ever. She cooked terribly and the housekeeping was poorly executed. After some time, I talked to one of my two daughters and I told her that I wanted to fire Krystle. But my daughter broke down into tears and begged me not to because Krystle was a wonderful person and made them feel great. So, I gave up and let her continue working for us. I had also decided, however, that our relationship would always be based on only essential contact and I would never try to enter into a relationship with her".

But that didn't happen and Ben's initial intentions were transformed to the point of completely falling in love with Krystle. His nanny also thought of him in more or less the same way and she had always tried not to flirt with her employer. But, as in one of the best romantic comedies in the world, over time, the two realized and they could no longer live without each other.

Krystle said: "At first, I didn't like Ben. I didn't talk to him and I avoided him, but then we started talking a bit more and then, one Christmas day, he invited my son and me to dinner with them. At first, I didn't want to accept, but then I gave in and the evening was amazing. I changed my mind about him and our relationship got closer and closer until we fell in love and started a proper relationship. At first, we didn't say anything to our respective children, but one evening, while we were in the car together, he took my hand and they suddenly understood everything".


The couple, whose story has gone viral on the web, have told of being in the crosshairs of criticism and negative comments due to their age difference and also the initial employer / employee relationship. Many have lashed out, especially against the ex nanny, pointing to her as the cause for the divorce, even if both were divorced and free long before their relationship started. Thankfully all of these negative comments haven’t affected their relationship and, despite a 20-year age difference, Ben and Krystle got married and now live happily with their four children.

Ben later said: "Several times, people have mistaken Krystle for being my daughter, but I don't pay any attention to this anymore. By now I'm used to it and it doesn't bother me. And then we are good together, we are a wonderful family. Not to mention that Krystle is my good luck charm: since we fell in love, my business has improved dramatically ".

Apparently, love affairs like these are not only seen in movies or on TV, but can also happen in real life. The wonderful thing is to be able to enjoy them, get inspired and achieve our dreams together with the one we love.