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A woman forgets to close her porch door…
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A woman forgets to close her porch door during a heavy storm and finds herself with 3 fawns in her living room


For those who live in the city, it might seem really strange to hear about incidents such what happened in this particular story.

But those who are lucky enough to live in a small house surrounded by green nature or near a forest, know that there are frequent possibilities to meet wild animals.

"Amscolie" is the username of a woman who wanted to share online an amusing experience regarding one of her "unexpected encounters" with nature. To be precise, she narrates what happened this time when during a heavy rainstorm, she forgot to close her porch door.

After the storm had started and was in full force, she had quietly headed toward her living room, and she found herself facing an unimaginable surprise .... three fawns (baby deer) that were curiously looking at her!

image: Imgur

But before that strange meeting in her living room, when it had first started to rain, the same "Amscolie", from her house, had caught a glimpse of a small fawn in the distance.

She remembers that she had been worried about the little fawn, seeing it all alone and in the rain, but then she had realized that it was probably not completely alone.

Because, animals, as we know, have a sort of sixth sense when it comes to recognizing the imminent arrival of natural catastrophes as animals are able to perceive natural signals and warnings that our ears and eyes cannot capture.

image: Imgur

Therefore, evidently frightened by the arrival of what they knew was going to be a heavy storm, the three fawns had snuck into Amscolie's house to find shelter.

In any case, the compassionate woman just let them stay there in her living room because the storm was very violent, and she knew they needed shelter for the night.

In fact, the very next day, the three little fawns immediately left her living room and headed for the woods, safely returning to their natural habitat.

image: Imgur

On the other hand, how could anyone not offer protection and shelter to these lovely and docile creatures?

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February 28, 2014
February 08, 2014

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