A dog enters the church during mass:…
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A dog enters the church during mass: the priest does not chase him away, but begins to play with him

August 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There is a popular proverb that says "to be as lucky as a dog in church". Obviously the meaning is deliberately ironic. In fact, the poor animals, since ancient times, have frequently been frowned upon in places of worship, and have often been chased away.

It can happen, in fact, that some priests do not tolerate the intrusion of an animal perhaps considered dirty and a cause of disorder in sacred and liturgical spaces. Fortunately, however, from time to time some of them remember that tolerance and acceptance are basic virtues of the Christian religious message, just like the priest we are about to tell you about did.

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The happening at the Nossa Senhora das Dores church,  in Brazil, was captured in a video that went viral. During a normal religious service, a dog made its way between the pews and the faithful in prayer. After bouncing around  for a while here and there, nibbling on some flowers, he quietly headed for the altar. Here, however, the priest, Don José Geraldo Sobreira, did not decide to chase him away harshly, but to welcome him as he deserved.

The priest responded to the puppy's vivacity by playing with him, without taking him out of church even though he was tugging affectionately at his cassock. The sweetness and friendliness of the man of faith were truly commendable. Instead of taking it for a trivial unexpected event, he reacted with irony and joy, showing himself to be kind with a new four-legged friend.

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Soon after, the owner of the dog was tracked down. It was an elderly man with Alzheimer's who had lost the pup hours earlier. Normally, animals are not allowed in church as they can create confusion or are dirty, but decorum and humanity are two different issues.

Those who believe in God's benevolence must transform their existence into the tangible manifestation of that love. This translates into respect for every creature, because celebrating life is a powerful act of faith that has much more value than keeping four walls in order.

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