This girl is 2 meters tall and is the woman with the second longest-legs in the world -
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This girl is 2 meters tall and is the…
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This girl is 2 meters tall and is the woman with the second longest-legs in the world

August 18, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The legs have always been one of the most effective weapons of seduction in the female arsenal. Having them long and slender is considered a real gift. It is no coincidence that women all over the world try to accentuate their proportions with high heels or underline them with accessories such as stockings and tights.

Sometimes, however, the good Lord lets his hand slip and gives someone a double dose of beauty. This is the case with Rentsenkhorloo Bud, a very long legged model and one of the tallest girls in the world!

The 29-year-old of Mongolian origin lives in the United States, and is currently the second woman in the world with the longest legs. The young woman is 2 meters tall and her legs are 134.5 centimeters! Looking at her happy and relaxed in the photos, you would never think that Rentsenkhorloo has had a difficult life, but this particular physical characteristic has never allowed her to go unnoticed among her peers.

Her "record extremities" have been a problem since childhood and adolescence: she always stood out as the tallest in her class, and for a long time she has considered her aesthetic condition almost as if it were a handicap.


Growing up, however, she learned to accept herself and see herself for what she really is, which is to say a beautiful woman. Those awkward legs have become her hallmark and today she never misses an opportunity to make them even more obvious.

Rentsenkhorloo owes everything to her excellent genetic heritage; in fact, both her father and mother are both very tall. Today she is proud of her looks and her femininity. She is not yet registered in the Guinness Book of Records, since there is (only) one other rival ahead of her: the Russian Ekaterina Lisina, who currently holds the official world record.

Rentsenkhorloo has several social media pages and shows off her gifts by posing naturally in front of the lens. It is not known if she will continue her career in the fashion field, but with those legs we are sure she will go a long way.


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